Being Broke Can Be Fun

If you were totally broke the rest of your life, do you think you could still enjoy yourself? I've spent most of my life on a very limited income, one mistake away from calamity. Yet, I still found ways to have fun without spending money. Most people, unfortunately, don't seem to recognize the hardship as... Continue Reading →

Web Miscellany: Compilation #108

Hello friends! Happy Friday! I hope the week has been good to you. Any fun plans? My parents received news that the cat they fostered, Georgie, is celebrating one-year in her forever home (this is the first update since she was adopted). The fiery young lady has softened up and is now quite the cuddle-bug.... Continue Reading →

Overheard In The Wine Aisle

I recently overheard someone in the grocery store complaining that the student loan forgiveness bill had been deemed unconstitutional. As they loaded up their basket with wine and fancy cheese, they whined that they had charged $20,000 worth of goods and services to their credit card in anticipation of the receiving the funds. They "needed"... Continue Reading →

The First 10 Things To Cut From Your Budget

My partner and I are frugal my nature and by necessity. When friends complain about their finances, I gladly offer suggestions. The biggest push-back I get when I talk about cutting costs, boosting income, and saving money is that it's hard. Many people associate the the word "budget" with sacrifices and suffering. But that's simply... Continue Reading →

15 Simple Choices That Will Make You Rich

The global economy is currently in the toilet. Working-class people are worried about job security and searches for "sell my house" are up 147% in July, as leaders argue over the definition of recession. There are many things beyond our control. However, in these turbulent and uncertain times, is can be helpful to shift focus... Continue Reading →

Early Retirement vs. Hyperinflation

Earlier this week, I met with my financial advisor to file my taxes for 2020. As is the case every year, he looked over my numbers and stated, "You're well on your way to early retirement!" It sure doesn't feel that way. On track by changing metrics I currently have around 2.5x my annual income... Continue Reading →

How Much Money Is ‘Enough’?

I recently read an interesting article that proposed a simple thought experiment. It poses, "How much money would you have to be paid, right here and now, to retire today and never receive another dollar of income (from any source) for the rest of your life? The catch this time is that whoever among the... Continue Reading →

Why You Should Build A FOMO Fund

Have you ever seen a pricey dress you couldn't bear to walk away from? Or a new television deeply discounted before the big game? What about a $99 round-trip flight to your hometown? Or that once-in-a-lifetime $300 flight abroad? Have you ever considering picking up more gear for your hobbies, taking a last-minute trip, or... Continue Reading →

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