The Best New Magazine for Optimal Health

I don't use social media. However, I do have several dozen Twitter accounts bookmarked, which I visit on a periodic basis. Recently, I was excited to discover that some of the "Twitter experts" who I enjoy learning from were joining together to create a quarterly magazine: Renegade Health. It's $25 for a PDG/Kindle version or... Continue Reading →

Book-Based Behavioral Change

By the time I was in middle school, I had read most of the books at the school library so I began pursuing my parents' numerous bookshelves. I read The Millionaire Next Door, and wondered how many of our neighbors were secretly wealthy. I read Zig Ziglar's See You at the Top, intrigued that someone... Continue Reading →

Disengaged Learning — Repost

The problem with modern education is that there are few, if any, internal feedback loops. Children read material, complete homework, and take tests; they memorize material, receive grades based on surface understanding, and are then shooed along to the next chapter. Teachers, unfortunately, have their hands tied when it comes to delving in deeper to... Continue Reading →

Virtual Reality And The Power of 3-D Recall

When I met my boyfriend five years ago, he was deeply interested in the memorization techniques of Memory Champions, such as Ed Cooke. He was particularly drawn the the practice of creating a "memory palace," in which you take a mental journey through a familiar location and place remarkable icons along the path to trigger... Continue Reading →

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