Everyday Design

In his latest blog post, Seth Godin discusses the triumph of everyday design, arguing that simplicity is often superior to luxury when it comes to function and usability. That sink with an intricate, motion-sensing faucet is more difficult to turn on and more likely to make a mess than the standard model. Luxury goods used to... Continue Reading →

Designed For Humans, Not A Machine

Several months ago, I signed up for a course on Human-Centered Design. The class began this week, and it has already opened my eyes to the ways in which our world often neglects human factors when creating or revisiting products and systems. We design aesthetically stunning marble showers, in which people slip and injure themselves.... Continue Reading →

A Premature Personal Statement

Five years ago, I abandoned my three-year-old blog and 3,700 followers. It felt like a home, until it didn’t. The community was filled with support, encouragement, and just enough heckling to scare me away. The tagline of that blog was “the subjective perspective of an analytical analyst,” and apart from being a mouthful, those words... Continue Reading →

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