The Benefits of Being Selfishness

When I was eleven, I visited my grandparents at their summer beach home in California. When we stopped by the gift shop, I picked out trinkets for my parents and siblings. I didn't asked for anything for myself. Throughout my entire life, people always commented on or recalled stories of my selflessness and, for years,... Continue Reading →

Zooming Out

Last year, I attended my grandfather's funeral. He had ninety good years, always surrounded by family and beaming with laughter. At his memorial service, people shared funny stories. There was that time he performed in Laughlin with his retirement community as the Andrews Sisters, and the three elderly men in dresses waltzed through the casino.... Continue Reading →

Seeking Joy

For the last five years, this blog has been my sounding board as I traverse through the ups and downs of life. I'm not going anywhere. However, today, I begin a new, parallel journey. After years of solo traveling, I am honored and privileged to join fellow writers in considering ‘what matters most’ in sharing... Continue Reading →

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