The True Definition Of Home

I've been rather isolated over the several months, trying to keep my sanity and find ways to be productive as my body struggles through the fatigue, nausea, and impending threat of coccidial meningitis. The other day, I read a quote from Yara Bashraheel that really resonated with me: "Maybe home is nothing but two arms... Continue Reading →


A hammer is drawn back, drywall crumbles to the ground, revealing pink foam, soaked-- speckled with fuzzy green leisions.   The edges of the wood floor curve upwards, scooping remnants of the living room into their palms. Support beams shiver nervously, stripped naked, surrounded by machinery.   The sofa, couch, and coffee table displaced, tipped... Continue Reading →

Definitely Not A Slab Leak

Yesterday began like any other Monday. Except that by dinnertime the ceiling had collapsed and our home was flooded. On Thursday, I had noticed water bubbling up through the seams of the wood flooring in the closet as I walked from one shelf to another, feeling the floorboards squish beneath my toes. My inner-child was... Continue Reading →

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