The Good, The Bad, and The Hazy In-Between

While a student at the California Institute of Technology in the late-1920s, my grandfather was chosen for the Henry Ford II Scholar Award and provided the opportunity to travel across Europe with three other standout engineering students. The young men drove from Pasadena to Detroit, where they explored the Ford automobile manufacturing plant, witnessed production... Continue Reading →

The Hashknife Pony Express

I recently attended my first meeting of the Daughters of the American Revolution meeting. Within minutes of arriving, I had met a dozen older women, filled a bag of candies for first responders, and leaned about a dozen upcoming volunteer opportunities and fundraising projects. It's Constitution Week, so many women are speaking to elementary schools... Continue Reading →

Tethers to The Past and to The Future

In my junior year of high school, while learning about World War II, I proudly told my AP History teacher that my grandfather had worked on the Manhattan Project. Alongside Fermi and numerous other brilliant chemical engineers, he helped develop plutonium-239 in the metallurgical laboratory underneath the University of Chicago stadium. On the day the... Continue Reading →

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