Your Beautiful, Broken Body

I've been on treatment for mold illness for nearly two years. Leaving the toxic environment shifted my health in a positive direction, but the $2,000 per month cocktail of compounded pharmaceuticals and supplements has barely moved the needle. Thus, my partner and I will soon be starting a 6-month regimen of high-dose Sporanox (itraconazole), a... Continue Reading →

A Place to Feel Both Invisible and Seen

When I was in kindergarten, we made a big to-do about the 100th day of school. We held a big celebration with cookies, streamers, and construction paper ribbons with the number "100" safety-pinned to our shirts. However, the best part of the celebrations: each student was to bring in a jar containing 100 items. Danny... Continue Reading →

Small Habits Make a Big Difference

When we watch people make small choices, like snacking on some carrots instead of a candy bar, the difference of a few hundred calories doesn't seem to matter much. In the moment, that's true. However, as days turn to weeks and weeks to months and months to years, those tiny habitual choices compound. The same... Continue Reading →

The Silent Pandemics

For three years, we have been inundated with talk of the pandemic. On a daily basis, we've heard the words virus, mask, and vaccine. Yet, there are numerous more subtle pandemics plaguing our lives. And, with that awareness, there are lifestyle changes we can make to remedy these silent killers. The Silent Pandemics We don't... Continue Reading →

5 Reasons To Eat With The Seasons

If you've ever bitten into a strawberry in the middle of winter, you’ve likely noticed that its flavor and texture aren’t nearly as decadent as what you’d experience during summertime. Due to advancements in modern agriculture and international trade, you can find just about any fruit or vegetable year-round in the grocery store. Increased produce... Continue Reading →

Word Of The Year: Mid-Year Update

For the last decade, I've developed the habit of setting a theme for the year. While the tangible goals are great, choosing a feeling or theme offers guide rails and room to deviate. For 2021, the word I chose was CLARITY: "I have decided that my intention for 2021 is CLARITY. For several years now,... Continue Reading →

Supplemental Nutrition: Where To Begin

There is much debate over whether supplements are really necessary, especially for those who are already eating well. Some swear by their customized supplement stack, while others believe it to be a complete waste of money. I believe fully that food is medicine. And yet, I also believe that the food we eat it is... Continue Reading →

This Isn’t Normal

Six years ago, I was diagnosed with a condition I had never heard of, despite living in the epicenter of fungal respiratory chaos. Three years ago, I learned that the infection had disseminated to the soft tissues of my leg, hiding behind my patella, clinging to my shins, and padding the soles of my feet.... Continue Reading →

Two Steps Forward, One Step Back

Yesterday, I didn't experience any soreness in my legs all. I ascended a flight of stairs at work, as usual. I enjoyed a two mile evening walk, as usual. But one thing was notably different. I didn't stop once to rest my legs. For the first time in over 20 months, I walked further than... Continue Reading →

Today Is Not The Final Product

Time rages like a river, rushing by, offering momentary glimpses into the truth of reality. The days pass by in steady succession, marching towards some yet-unknown destination. I have spent the last several years coasting along the ebb and flow of some evasive ailment. I've spent portions of the journey violently kicking and other stretches... Continue Reading →

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