Win #1 For Whitey

My partner is currently applying to graduate school. As a straight, middle-aged, white male, we've had concerns about affirmative action initiatives getting in his way. His application package far exceeds the minimum requirements and average applicant stats for each program he applied to. However, I still don't believe the concern was unfounded, as one rejection... Continue Reading →

I’m Tired of Being Tolerant

I'm tired of pretending to be being tolerant while our civilization is destroyed. I want civilization back. I want Brahms, Rembrandt, and intricate French Gothic cathedrals. I want beautiful music, art, architecture, culture, and real science back. I want basic human decency and kindness. To get it back, we have to reject modernity and have... Continue Reading →

It’s 2059, And The Rich Kids are Still Winning

It's 2059, And The Rich Kids are Still Winning, a short story in which award-winning science fiction author Ted Chiang introduces us to the Gene Equity Project, a program that provides genetic enhancement of intelligence for people of color. Despite an IQ around 130, low-income recipients of the cognitive-enhancement protocol fared no better than their... Continue Reading →

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