Words ≠ Weapons

I scoffed when I recently saw a leaked FBI document listing imagery of the Betsy Ross flag as a call sign for extremist militia members. I think it's actually a call sign for American history buffs and 10-years-old school children, but I digress. Reality is bleeding over into parody. We've reached the point in society... Continue Reading →

Two Synchronicities

Awhile ago, I wrote about synchronicity and today, I'm presenting two more wildly, wonderful synchronicities. But, We Don't Need Anything From Costco! Several weeks ago, my boyfriend and started up a conversation with a middle-aged man at a small cafe. Let's call him Bob. I sat back and listened as the two engaged in a... Continue Reading →

Great Minds Discuss Ideas

We all have that one friend, coworker, or family member that gossips incessantly about the dumbest things. Did you hear what you Aunt Carol said? Did you see what Kim Kardashian wore? Did you watch the latest episode of The Bachelor? It's like a disease where they cannot stop talking. Despite, the "no, I haven't,"... Continue Reading →

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