Urban Wildlife of Phoenix

The last few times I've logged into WordPress, the typically blank page has been supplemented with a simple prompt. I've been lacking motivation lately, so I'll bite. When I was young, my father wore the same shirt every time he did yard work. The shirt had skeletons and read: "Arizona... but it's a dry heat."... Continue Reading →

The Scent of Nostalgia

I have a love/hate affair with the desert. I've lived all my life in Arizona and, after my first trip to forested mountains at age nine, declared that I'd be moving to the Rocky Mountains as soon as I turn eighteen. That deadline has long since passed, and I'm still surrounded by a spectrum of... Continue Reading →

Maples Were Never Meant for The Desert — Repost

Phoenix has been experiencing the coolest, wettest summer in recent history. And it's bringing back nostalgia for my childhood. as children we ran through the vacant dirt lotdaring one another to taunt the oversized cactusand bite into the tartness of its swelling purple fruitin august we watched lightning sprawl across the bay windowthough most afternoons,... Continue Reading →

Fun Phoenix Weather Fact

Do you want to know a fun fact about Phoenix? Despite being a desert, we typically experience a few flash floods per year. There are two reasons for that. Firstly, the terrain is flat and the ground dense clay, which is not particularly porous. Secondly, the monsoon storms often entail Seattle-like days of drizzling interspersed... Continue Reading →

Downpour in the Desert

In Phoenix, for at least the last 30 years, any chance of rain under 75% has meant almost no chance of rain. Sometimes the rain comes, and the drizzle with sizzle and dissipate the moment it hits the group. On other rare days, like today, the heaven open up and drown the desert in life-giving... Continue Reading →

The Desert Is Dancing

Ashen clouds billow and sprawl across the northern sky,sauntering slowly over Pike's Peak and Black Mountain.Elegant dress hems are momentarily caught on rising hilltopsas Phoenix welcomes her queen and savior. Clear blue skies bow to their guest and retreat,feathery white ice crystals trailing behind.The navy-gray scene becomes a black and white film,thick gray clouds fading... Continue Reading →

Maples Were Never Meant for The Desert

my dreams lie dormantamongst this rotting metropolisnestled beneath the 13th floor awningcramped in the crevice betweenthe croissant connoisseurs and the well-dressed menwielding pink tape measures my dreams are dying in this suburban shoe box,lined with thin, decorative paper depictingmidwestern corn fields and a whale journeying homebrown-tipped pothos dangle daintily from the ceilingpeering down at tiny... Continue Reading →

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