The Heavy Toll of Brain Fog

I was recently sent an article on brain fog from The Atlantic. I tried to skim, but was sucked into the details. I felt like an obsessive-compulsive personality meticulously picking open an old wound--it was one of those situations where you're staring at a horrific train wreck, but can't bring yourself to look away. For... Continue Reading →

The Hashknife Pony Express

I recently attended my first meeting of the Daughters of the American Revolution meeting. Within minutes of arriving, I had met a dozen older women, filled a bag of candies for first responders, and leaned about a dozen upcoming volunteer opportunities and fundraising projects. It's Constitution Week, so many women are speaking to elementary schools... Continue Reading →

What To Do In Memphis?

In just over a week, my partner will be traveling out to Memphis for a graduate school interview. I know, I know... Memphis has not been maintaining its squeaky clean reputation lately. Don't worry, he's renting a car to avoid the 30-minute walk from his hotel to the school. Gosh, what has happened to our... Continue Reading →

Why Systems Trump Goals — Repost

My boss once led a manager’s meeting in which he explained the true meaning of project management. Project management does not involve showing up to work, drafting out a to-do list, and then methodically checking tasks off as complete. Rather, a true project manager views every chore in their life, from their daily commute to […]... Continue Reading →

30-Day Challenges

I set a goal for myself to post one blog post per day for thirty days in a row. Well, Monday was day thirty. It has been fun, but I am now burned out and need to slow down. My partner and I had both has symptom flare-ups, so I think we were re-exposed to... Continue Reading →

Facing the Answers — Repost

The world is filled to the brim with uncertainties and discrepancies. It’s often hard to face the difficult questions, to face the grim realities of life. As our parents and grandparents age, fear grows in our minds like the rancid stench of butchered gazelle decaying on the savanna. We are reminded of our own mortality,... Continue Reading →

Win #1 For Whitey

My partner is currently applying to graduate school. As a straight, middle-aged, white male, we've had concerns about affirmative action initiatives getting in his way. His application package far exceeds the minimum requirements and average applicant stats for each program he applied to. However, I still don't believe the concern was unfounded, as one rejection... Continue Reading →

I’m Tired of Being Tolerant

I'm tired of pretending to be being tolerant while our civilization is destroyed. I want civilization back. I want Brahms, Rembrandt, and intricate French Gothic cathedrals. I want beautiful music, art, architecture, culture, and real science back. I want basic human decency and kindness. To get it back, we have to reject modernity and have... Continue Reading →

A Tale Of Two Kittens (And One Angry Cat)

Earlier this year, one of my parents' two cats was diagnosed with lung cancer and soon passed. Our sleek grey boy left behind his litter-mate, a chunky 12-year-old orange tabby. After a decade of feline companionship and sibling rivalry, the lone cat seemed like he could use a friend. My parents talked about eventually getting... Continue Reading →

A Helpful Tip For Quitting Social Media

I became inactive on social media about eight years ago. I deleted all accounts except Facebook because all of those "friends" I had. After four years, Facebook was gone too. It wasn't easy. Those things are made to be highly addictive, offering continual hits of dopamine. While Facebook was disabled, but not yet deleted, I... Continue Reading →

A Lifestyle Diet

Many people pay attention to the foods they eat, limiting calories, carbohydrates, sugars, or fat. But your diets isn't just what you eat. It's everything you choose to consume. The things you watch - Netflix, news, pornography The things you read - books, newsletters, opinion pieces The people around you - family, friends, social media... Continue Reading →

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