A Homeless Brothel For Jesus

Okay, so this satire. But please tell me I'm not the crazy one. Two years ago, my aunt passed away suddenly. A fall led to scans, which led the discovery of stage 4 brain cancer. And she was gone within a month. She had been married to her husband for fifty years. When she passed,... Continue Reading →

What I Choose To Become

Ten years ago, my boyfriend was called a failure; half his brain had taken on the consistency of peanut butter and was surgically removed. Five years ago, my boyfriend was called a dreamer; he wanted to pursue medical school rather than a minimum wage service job. He will be starting medical school in the fall.... Continue Reading →

Medicine Is Broken

Time for an itty bitty rant. I'm frustrated with Western medicine. My general practitioner is great. He was the first to believe I was actually sick, he entertains whatever wild ideas I bring to the table, and he's generally kind. I no longer see any of the "specialists" because so many were cruel. The private... Continue Reading →

The Kind Couple

"I recognize you two!" On Saturday, we went to the local farmer's market. It's been part of our weekly routine for the last eight years, so we've befriended members of the customer service term and many vendors. During the pandemic, the market offered curbside pickup, which we took advantage of. During the week, I would... Continue Reading →

I Saw You’re On Tinder

My boyfriend is a bit of a Renaissance Man. In addition to being a trained artist, skilled musician, IT guy, biochem nerd, and forward-thinking visionary, he's also something of a privacy guru. So, every few months he scans the internet for our old usernames. Last night, he informed me he had discovered about fifteen sites... Continue Reading →

Crying At The Baggage Claim

In my early-twenties, I found myself crying at baggage claim. Despite bolting through Dallas Fort Worth International Airport, I missed my connecting flight. My flight had been the last of the day, and the airline's customer service representatives couldn't offer me anything more than a new flight the next morning. When I realized I would... Continue Reading →

My Mid-Weekend Pick-Me-Up

Last night, I received a text from my best friend: "She remembered. She came and said this to me out of nowhere." After bath-time, my niece had put on her pajamas and collected the puppy stuffed animals she got for Christmas. As she methodically pulled the puppies out of the mamma's zip up belly, she... Continue Reading →

Random Thoughts On A Saturday

Life's a bit of a jumble this week. I fainted this week for the first time in seventeen months, which is confusing because I no longer have critically low blood pressure nor tachycardia. My brain is foggy, yet I keep seeing signposts that I'm doing okay. When it comes to critical thinking and creative writing,... Continue Reading →

The Hardships Of Our Forefathers

It's important to remember that our ancestors had to endure hardships that were far more difficult than anything we face today. We should practice being more resilient and growing thicker skin. My life has not been perfect. I spent four years living in the land of mysterious illness, scared and uncertain, before being diagnosed with... Continue Reading →

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