Early Retirement vs. Hyperinflation

Earlier this week, I met with my financial advisor to file my taxes for 2020. As is the case every year, he looked over my numbers and stated, "You're well on your way to early retirement!" It sure doesn't feel that way. On track by changing metrics I currently have around 2.5x my annual income... Continue Reading →

Web Miscellany: Compilation #77

Hello dear friend! How are you? How has you week been? My boyfriend has been playing the piano quite a lot this week, and it makes my heart swoon every time I hear a melody from across the house (lately, it has been Scarborough Fair and a tune from the game Final Fantasy). The other... Continue Reading →

How To Cope With Distant Tragedies

Five years ago, I stumbled across a news article. A teenage boy in some distant rural town had been bullied relentlessly for years and couldn't take it anymore. One day, he took his dad's rifle off to a far corner of their property and took his own life. I didn't know that young man and... Continue Reading →

Web Miscellany: Compilation #76

Hello dear friend! How are you? How has you week been? For those in the US who are eligible for the stimulus, do you have any exciting plans for the funds? The reckless printing of more debt concerns me, so I will likely put it towards a tangible commodity like silver. So boring and adult.... Continue Reading →

How Much Money Is ‘Enough’?

I recently read an interesting article that proposed a simple thought experiment. It poses, "How much money would you have to be paid, right here and now, to retire today and never receive another dollar of income (from any source) for the rest of your life? The catch this time is that whoever among the... Continue Reading →

Web Miscellany: Compilation #75

Hello there! How are you? Can you believe that it has been a year since the pandemic sparked fear and uncertainty across the globe? With the advent of lockdown, people were given the opportunity to use COVID-19 as a reason to pursue their goals or an excuse not too. Either is perfectly acceptable, but I... Continue Reading →

Web Miscellany: Compilation #74

Hello dear friend! How are you? How has you week been? I have been exhausted for no good reason and I don't have all too much to say. My employer announced this week that the (small, but solid) company purchased significant acreage and have plans to build cabins and create a forest retreat for employees,... Continue Reading →

Am I Evil?

My boyfriend drives an older car with a 2008 Ron Paul presidential campaign bumper sticker and, over the last few months, someone has been repeatably peeling away the edges of the sticker and keying his car, especially around the sticker. The bumper sticker was meant to convey a message of peace and hope 13 years... Continue Reading →

Book Review: Kotov Syndrome

What will the world look like when human-like AI begin to live, work, and love alongside mankind? And how will society respond to the future as it unfolds before them? Kotov Syndrome, Tim Baughman Jr.'s debut novel and the first book in the Azaes Realm series, delves into that very question. Set in the near-future,... Continue Reading →

Web Miscellany: Compilation #73

Hello dear friend! I can't believe February is already wrapping up and ushering in March. How are you? How has you week been? I have a habit of falling down different rabbit holes and my boyfriend is the same, so we inundate each other with new information and ideas constantly. Hot topics this week have... Continue Reading →

Don’t Feed The Wildlife

Two weeks ago, our garden began blooming. Then, one week ago, the green foliage began to recede. Today, it fully disappeared. And today, I finally discovered why. As I walked past the window overlooking the patio, I noticed a flash of movement. On closer inspection, I saw a small squirrel nibbling on a nasturtium leaf... Continue Reading →

Why You Should Build A FOMO Fund

Have you ever seen a pricey dress you couldn't bear to walk away from? Or a new television deeply discounted before the big game? What about a $99 round-trip flight to your hometown? Or that once-in-a-lifetime $300 flight abroad? Have you ever considering picking up more gear for your hobbies, taking a last-minute trip, or... Continue Reading →

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