The Heavy Toll of Brain Fog

I was recently sent an article on brain fog from The Atlantic. I tried to skim, but was sucked into the details. I felt like an obsessive-compulsive personality meticulously picking open an old wound--it was one of those situations where you're staring at a horrific train wreck, but can't bring yourself to look away. For... Continue Reading →

5 Reasons To Eat With The Seasons

If you've ever bitten into a strawberry in the middle of winter, you’ve likely noticed that its flavor and texture aren’t nearly as decadent as what you’d experience during summertime. Due to advancements in modern agriculture and international trade, you can find just about any fruit or vegetable year-round in the grocery store. Increased produce... Continue Reading →

The Future Of Medicine: Plasmalogens

I have spent the last several years tumbling down the rabbit hole of regenerative medicine. A horde of pathogens overwhelmed my immune system, leaving me with significant brain inflammation and heart damage. Regenerative medicine is my key to middle-age and beyond. Thanks to forward thinking doctors, I've learned about research, therapies, tests, treatments, and working... Continue Reading →

Trapped In A Deathtrap

A month ago, I posted that levels of mold in our home were higher after professional remediation. While some levels dropped, others rose. The rise in the toxic black mold stachybotrys chartarum suggests dampness or moisture. In Arizona, that generally means a pipe leak. We've moved all the furniture and there is no sign of... Continue Reading →

Ramblings Into The Void

Last year ended on a high note. After being dragged, from many years, through a rotating door of mysterious symptoms, my partner and I found evidence that both of our health issues were due to significant, decade-old water damage hidden behind the drywall. We began treatment to remove the mold from our home and our... Continue Reading →

A Losing Battle

Do you ever feel like you just can't catch a break? My life is good, so I can't complain. And yet, my healthy habits seem to be perpetually assaulted by factors beyond my control. In 2018, we had a major pipe leak that flooded a third of our home. In 2019, we discovered black mold... Continue Reading →

Crossing My Fingers

On Wednesday evening, I developed a tickle in the back of my throat. Uh oh. Thursday, I felt tired and took the day off to rest. Thursday afternoon, I developed mild head congestion. By Friday morning, I felt great! My boyfriend experienced the same mild symptoms, though his lasted a few days long. Conservative estimates... Continue Reading →

A New Fork in the Path

Earlier this year, we received a final report stating that "re-occupancy is ill-advised." The thing is, we never left our home. We had recently tested for mold spores, which we later learned stemmed from damage that occurred prior to installing a new roof in 2014, seven years earlier. I believe that biotoxin illness is the... Continue Reading →

Supplemental Nutrition: Where To Begin

There is much debate over whether supplements are really necessary, especially for those who are already eating well. Some swear by their customized supplement stack, while others believe it to be a complete waste of money. I believe fully that food is medicine. And yet, I also believe that the food we eat it is... Continue Reading →

This Isn’t Normal

Six years ago, I was diagnosed with a condition I had never heard of, despite living in the epicenter of fungal respiratory chaos. Three years ago, I learned that the infection had disseminated to the soft tissues of my leg, hiding behind my patella, clinging to my shins, and padding the soles of my feet.... Continue Reading →

Missing Memories

Lately, I've been feeling a bit down. We're re-watching Seinfeld because it's the obvious choice when we can't decide what to watch. With each episode, I find myself verifying, "We've seen this before?" Several seasons in, I am realizing that I have absolutely no recollection of any of the content. It seems that I mentally... Continue Reading →

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