Curiosity & Skepticism

If you were to ask me what qualities I most admire in another, it would be these: curiosity and skepticism. I place a high value on kindness, intelligence, and a sense of humor. However, in our modern world, some traits would seem to be predecessors for bringing others to fruition. Curiosity “I have no special... Continue Reading →

Audit Your Life

Working in quality assurance, audits are a regular part of my job. I am always thinking in terms of what is contractually required against what is being produced. I'm always looking out for discrepancies, as well as opportunities to improve processes. I think the same principles can be applied to other areas of life. Conduct... Continue Reading →

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

Every day, my boyfriend and I take his parent's dog out of a walk. She's a fickle German Shepard who minds her master, and nobody else. She'll mosey along and suddenly double-back to check some pee mail left by the neighborhood dogs, nearly ripping my arm out of its socket in the process Yesterday started... Continue Reading →

Let Life Be Good

It took me a long time to learn how to let life be good. Far too often, I found myself sabotaging my happiness with toxic thoughts, emotions, or behaviors. Perfection or bust! I wasted so much time interfering in life's plan. Here are three tips for letting life be good: Gratitude Every day before getting... Continue Reading →

A Ring For My Boyfriend’s Ex-Girlfriend

I recently helped my long-time boyfriend select a diamond ring as a gift for his ex-girlfriend. Intrigued? There's more to the story, and that's what I'll be discussing today on The Heart of the Matter. Life is filled with undesirable experiences, but perhaps they aren't quite as bad as they seem at first glace.

Just Write

“We write to taste life twice, in the moment and in retrospect.” Anais Nin Write. Not because it's easy, but because the world needs your stories. Write. Not because you always love the process, but because the process helps you live life. Write. Not because you feel worthy, but because turning life into art makes... Continue Reading →

Lost Connections

Several years ago, I switched to from Gmail to to a new email service. A decade earlier, I had deleted all of my social media accounts, but Gmail was trickier because that email address was linked to so many accounts and so many people. Gradually, I've nudged family and friends to use the new domain.... Continue Reading →

Beauty In The Wildness

When facing chronic illness, so many things fall by the wayside. The once perfectly manicured garden grows wild and the chain link fence rusts away to nothing. The scarlet cannas spread like wildfire and the footpath pavers crumble. And yet, there is a beauty in the wildness. There is charm in the disrepair. There is... Continue Reading →

Seeking Joy

For the last five years, this blog has been my sounding board as I traverse through the ups and downs of life. I'm not going anywhere. However, today, I begin a new, parallel journey. After years of solo traveling, I am honored and privileged to join fellow writers in considering ‘what matters most’ in sharing... Continue Reading →

A True Labor Of Love

A few weeks ago, I talked about how the best gift is thoughtfulness. Funds have been tight, so we decided to skip gifts for our anniversary, birthdays, and Christmas, all of which arrive in quick succession. For my birthday, I received a mug I had seen sold-out a year before. A mug which I had... Continue Reading →

Making Space For Another

When we first met, my boyfriend and his friends teased me relentlessly. You don't have baby fever, huh? Just you wait! Bets were placed. Twenty-five, twenty-eight, thirty. Just. You. Wait. I passed all those milestones with a shrug and a nonchalant "maybe someday." We would make for great parents. We would enjoy teaching a tiny... Continue Reading →

Web Miscellany: Compilation #105

Hello friends! I got on roll and just had to finish another 30-day blogging streak. What fun! Do you know what else is fun? I have been invited to be a contributor at The Heart of The Matter, a brand-spanking new community where we talk about what mattered today and the inspiration to keep finding what matters... Continue Reading →

Schrödinger’s Scorpion

"Do you think scorpions can escape from the vacuum cleaner?" Alas, here is a question that comes up often in Phoenix and, I am certain, nowhere else in the world. Let's begin with a brief lesson on the Arizona bark scorpion. They are highly territorial. Despite growing up in Phoenix, I didn't see my first... Continue Reading →

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