Update: No Update

Goodness, it's been awhile! Two months later, little has changed and, yet, simultaneously, so much has. Three months ago, our home was deemed unsafe due to high levels of biotoxins. We moved in with my in-laws and have alternating continually between gratitude and ripping our hair out. You know how that goes. The HOA and... Continue Reading →

Adieu, Farewell, and Goodbye For Now

Today, we're leaving our home. And we may not return. We're taking a week's worth of clothing, my work laptop, and basic toiletries. Nothing else. Including the computer on which I am writing. Everything is overwhelming and in flux right now. It feels like I'm trapped in a nightmare, but too drugged up to realize... Continue Reading →

Web Miscellany: Compilation #102

Hello, there! I've been super fatigued. My shoulder and wrist have been sort-of bothering my since I fainted five months ago, so I'm finally getting x-rays next week. My home has mold and rats. The upstairs unit installed hardwood floor just before selling, in violation of the bylaws, and surely unbeknownst to the heel-clicking prospective... Continue Reading →

Web Miscellany: Compilation #100

Hello, friend! After a two-month hiatus, I'm back with my mashup of delightful and thought-provoking findings. There was a lot of self-imposed pressure to make #100 extra-special, but instead I think I'm going to switch things up as we move into the new year. No one, myself included, wants to sift through a dozen links.... Continue Reading →

Merry Christmas To All!

Merry Christmas to all!! Thank you for your friendship, insights, and kind words over the last year--I am truly grateful for everyone that says hello or shares their thoughts. From the depths of my heart, my wish for you in the new year is that your life is filled with peace, joy, abundance, and good... Continue Reading →

2021: A Year In Review

For the last decade, I’ve developed the habit of setting a theme for the year. While tangible goals strong pillars, choosing a feeling or theme offers guide-rails and room for deviation. For 2021, the word I chose was CLARITY: “For several years now, I have feel lost, ill, and devoid of anything resembling energy or... Continue Reading →

The Quadri-purpose Room

I currently work out of our multi-purpose room. And when I say multi-purpose, I'm really saying multi-, multi-, multi-purpose room. When you walk in, there is a large desk and bulky ergonomic chair. Next to that, a queen sized bed that has been used twice in eight years and coordinating bedside tables. Beyond the foot... Continue Reading →

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving to those celebrating today! Whether you're visiting loved ones, sharing a meal with friends, or cozied up with leftovers and a good book, I hope your day is filled with love, patience, laughter, and lots of tasty food! I'm in the latter category. I'm currently home alone today, lamenting immunodeficiency, PEG allergies, and... Continue Reading →

Book Club Recommendations?

Hi there! I will soon be joining a book club with my mom, sister, aunts, and cousins. Here's where you come in. We're looking for recommendations. Have you read any knock-your-socks off books recently, particularly one that makes you think or makes for a great discussion? So far, we've seen the below suggestions, but are... Continue Reading →

Web Miscellany: Compilation #99

Hello, friend! How are you? Things have been hectic around these parts. No, that's a lie. My treatment for biotoxin illness makes me sleepy, so the 10 hours of sleep a night is the likely culprit behind my lack of time. In those few extra moments, I've been trying to reread some old books, get... Continue Reading →

Web Miscellany: Compilation #98

Hello, friend! How are you? Well, one month into my new job, I just helped my employer pass our most recent external audit. It was both stressful and exhilarating, and involved a 5am - 2pm workday to accommodate the Eastern time schedule. This meant afternoons were spent in a frenzied state of sewing madness, with... Continue Reading →

Web Miscellany: Compilation #97

Hello, friend! How are you? After however long into this mess we are now, the pandemic is beginning to feel a bit lonely and listless. I spent my twenties building up habits for success and inner peace, many of which has slowly dwindled away over the last year. I feel like it's time to rebuild... Continue Reading →

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