Web Miscellany: Compilation #61

Hello, internet friends! How has you week been? I can hardly tell the days apart lately, and I'm grateful to be working from home and off social media. I'm guessing there is a lot of political nonsense out there. For those in the US, I hope you choose to use your discernment and exercise your... Continue Reading →

Web Miscellany: Compilation #60

Hello, internet friends! How has you week been? Last weekend, I had the opportunity to gift a friend some homemade baby gifts I've been sewing up over the last few months and every day she's been texting to point out another small detail she just noticed. I can't believe I'm going to be an auntie... Continue Reading →

Web Miscellany: Compilation #59

Hello, internet friends! How has you week been? I've been recovering from a minor surgery to repair broken cartridge between my nostrils and have been so pleased with the results already. I began working with an incredible new physician and I feel hopeful that he can propose new avenues to help me recover; based on... Continue Reading →

Web Miscellany: Compilation #58

Hey there! How has the week been to you? Mine has been rather uneventful. Aside from work, I gardened (including stunning 3.5 gallon canna lillies at Costco for only $12!), started brewing two batches of kombucha, and made several South Indian dishes from our farmer's market haul. I have a minor surgery scheduled for today,... Continue Reading →

Web Miscellany: Compilation #57

Hey there! How has the week been to you? Mine has been alright, though I'm looking forward to the weekend. The farmer's market restarts for the season tomorrow, the weather is finally (almost) cool enough to start my fall garden, I'll be gifting my friend some hand-crafted baby gifts, and I'll be working on a... Continue Reading →

Web Miscellany: Compilation #56

Happy Friday, everyone! I hope you're doing okay amid everything. Over the last few weeks, my health have regressed ever so slightly. However, I've been feverishly sewing up baby things for an expectant friend, it's no longer 120 degrees out, and my boyfriend has rescued several houseplants from the grocery clearance rack on my behalf,... Continue Reading →

Existential Ergonomics, Redefined

When I started this blog, it was meant as an exploration of the field of human factors engineering, the optimization of thoughts and habits, realization through the art of storytelling, and the space of overlap. In essence, existential ergonomic is the study of how we can design and refine our environment, habits, thoughts, and tools... Continue Reading →

Checking In

How are you doing, really? 2020 has been a rough year, almost universally. What have you been up to lately? How much has your life changed over the last few months and, perhaps more importantly, has the change in lifestyle revealed a new set of priorities that you hope to carry into post-quarantine life? What... Continue Reading →

Web Miscellany: Compilation #55

Hey there! How has the week been to you? Mine has been rough. I need to keep reminding myself that the symptoms are part of the body's healing process. After five years of mostly-normal labs, my body is finally pulling out of low-energy mode thanks to an overload of once-deficient minerals and my labs are... Continue Reading →

Web Miscellany: Compilation #54

Hello! How is your week going? I've had a long. uneventful week at work, so I'm excited to step back and enjoy a bit of me-time. Bonus: three-day holiday weekend! What are you up to this weekend? I'm hoping to catch up with my parents and maybe a friend, but mostly I'm craving a few... Continue Reading →

Web Miscellany: Compilation #53

Hey there! How is your week going? It's hard to believe that September is just around the corner. My recent (and ungodly expensive!) brain MRI revealed that the pituitary adenoma has grown over the last year. Fortunately, this type of tumor is nearly always benign. Since I've generally been feeling better, I'm not going to... Continue Reading →

Web Miscellany: Compilation #52

Hello! How is your week going? What the weather like where you live? My week has seemingly dragged on and the excessive heat paired with a small shard of glass lodged in my heel haven't helped. The news has been a wild ride, as well. What are you up to this weekend?I think my boyfriend... Continue Reading →

Web Miscellany: Compilation #51

Hi there! How is your week going? This week flew by in a flash and, quite frankly, I couldn't tell you what I've been up to. Last week, my phone got stuck in a reboot loop, so I lost everything. While it sucks, I am vehemently against storing all of my personal contacts and photos... Continue Reading →

Web Miscellany: Compilation #50

Howdy! How has the week been to you? Phoenix received the first mini-monsoon of the season, bringing with it more humidity than actual precipitation. I learned that the Sonoran Desert, in which Phoenix resides, is the greenest and most lust desert on Earth and technically only qualifies as a desert during our driest years. I... Continue Reading →

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