The Absurdity Of Vanity Sizing

Twelve years ago, I recall trying on clothes at Ann Taylor Loft and noticed that my usual size small was swimming on me. Hmm. I sized down and then kicked myself for not owning a scale. My existing clothes fit the same, so I was fairly certain that I hadn't lost weight. Since that time,... Continue Reading →

I’m Tired of Being Tolerant

I'm tired of pretending to be being tolerant while our civilization is destroyed. I want civilization back. I want Brahms, Rembrandt, and intricate French Gothic cathedrals. I want beautiful music, art, architecture, culture, and real science back. I want basic human decency and kindness. To get it back, we have to reject modernity and have... Continue Reading →

A Helpful Tip For Quitting Social Media

I became inactive on social media about eight years ago. I deleted all accounts except Facebook because all of those "friends" I had. After four years, Facebook was gone too. It wasn't easy. Those things are made to be highly addictive, offering continual hits of dopamine. While Facebook was disabled, but not yet deleted, I... Continue Reading →

Et Tu, Umor?

Is it just me, or does it seem like everyone has lost their sense of humor these last several years? People are so easily offended by innocently incorrect pronouns, American flags, vaccine status, school choice, vocal politicians, and perceived inequity. It's exhausting. And those offended never seem willing to engage in discussion to untangle the... Continue Reading →

The 19th Amendment Was A Mistake

About two weeks ago, I presented a prompt on your most unpopular opinion. I have been shunned so thoroughly that I forgot my most controversial opinion. This will likely piss some folks off. That's okay. It's an idea I first considered in my freshmen Psychology 101 course around 15 years ago when learning about "waffle"... Continue Reading →

Why Universal Basic Income Can’t Work

The government can only give what it first takes. Universal Basic Income (UBI) may begin as supplemental income. However, the increase in the money supply will lead to inflation and, in turn, an increased cost in good. Recipients will demand an increase in UBI to account for the difference. While UBI may begin as a... Continue Reading →

Words ≠ Weapons

I scoffed when I recently saw a leaked FBI document listing imagery of the Betsy Ross flag as a call sign for extremist militia members. I think it's actually a call sign for American history buffs and 10-years-old school children, but I digress. Reality is bleeding over into parody. We've reached the point in society... Continue Reading →

Wealth Gaps vs. Savings Gaps

I recently wrote about wage gaps vs. effort gaps. In a similar vein, let's take a look at infamous "wealth gap." While it's true that some people are born into an abundance of wealth, they are certainly a minority. 43.4% of the world’s wealth is controlled by the top 1%. Most millionaires are in their... Continue Reading →

Currency Devaluation: A Tepid Argument For Bitcoin

If you pay attention to global news, you're well-aware of the currency collapses of recent decades in Argentina, Hungary, Ukraine, Iceland, Venezuela, Zimbabwe and Germany. If you've been studying the trajectory of the US dollar since 1971 when the US unilaterally terminated convertibility of the US dollar to gold, effectively rendering the dollar a fiat... Continue Reading →

My Choice, My Responsibility

I'm a very laid-back person. Most people who know me my entire life have never seen me angry. But lately, there's a trend happening in society that starting to get under my skin. The same people who say "my body, my choice" shortly thereafter bring up student loan forgiveness. What I hear is: "my debt,... Continue Reading →

The Great Parents Privilege

In recent years, there has been much talk of privilege. Namely, white privilege. I'm of European descent and my skin tone proclaims that loud and clear. Over the last two years, I've been accosted, unprovoked, by strangers on the street. I've been called mayonnaise monkey, lima bean, and cracka, which are apparently derogatory names for... Continue Reading →

15 Simple Choices That Will Make You Rich

The global economy is currently in the toilet. Working-class people are worried about job security and searches for "sell my house" are up 147% in July, as leaders argue over the definition of recession. There are many things beyond our control. However, in these turbulent and uncertain times, is can be helpful to shift focus... Continue Reading →

Blind Activism

In 1999, my sewing teacher invited her students to participate in an international relief effort. At ten years old, I spent much of my summer sewing up quilts for Kosovo. They were simple quilts, with a sheet of batting sandwiched between two coordinating sheets of cotton fabric, secured with yarn knots at regular intervals. The... Continue Reading →

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