What Was Your Proudest Frugal Moment?

I randomly stumbled upon a forum thread where this question was asked. I immediately knew my answer, which I'll share below. I'll preface by giving some context. Though living in a small condo, we still practiced emergency preparedness. If something happens to the Salt River, millions will be without water. If I lose my job,... Continue Reading →

The Hardships Of Our Forefathers

It's important to remember that our ancestors had to endure hardships that were far more difficult than anything we face today. We should practice being more resilient and growing thicker skin. My life has not been perfect. I spent four years living in the land of mysterious illness, scared and uncertain, before being diagnosed with... Continue Reading →

Betting On The Bag Of Magic Beans

Back in 2010, my boyfriend met a friend at a coffee shop to process his first Bitcoin transaction. Something went awry and the $100 was never exchanged for 1,000 units of magical internet money. Had be bought, held, and sold at last year's high, he would have netted just shy of $65MM. Of course, he's... Continue Reading →

Overheard In The Wine Aisle

I recently overheard someone in the grocery store complaining that the student loan forgiveness bill had been deemed unconstitutional. As they loaded up their basket with wine and fancy cheese, they whined that they had charged $20,000 worth of goods and services to their credit card in anticipation of the receiving the funds. They "needed"... Continue Reading →

A Society Of Self-Indulgence

I've come to the conclusion that life has become too easy. We live in a day and age of outrageous self-indulgence. I look around and envy the people that have life so good that their biggest qualm is being called by the wrong pronoun, getting the side-eye for being fat, or watching a billionaire buy... Continue Reading →

How Would You Spend Your Year-End Bonus?

My boss recently called and let me know that a year-end bonus would soon be hitting my account. It was a pleasant surprise. Although not substantial, it's enough that I can tuck a portion into emergency savings and have a bit extra to allocate to discretionary spending. After retirement savings, medical expenses, and the essentials,... Continue Reading →

The First 10 Things To Cut From Your Budget

My partner and I are frugal my nature and by necessity. When friends complain about their finances, I gladly offer suggestions. The biggest push-back I get when I talk about cutting costs, boosting income, and saving money is that it's hard. Many people associate the the word "budget" with sacrifices and suffering. But that's simply... Continue Reading →

The Absurdity Of Vanity Sizing

Twelve years ago, I recall trying on clothes at Ann Taylor Loft and noticed that my usual size small was swimming on me. Hmm. I sized down and then kicked myself for not owning a scale. My existing clothes fit the same, so I was fairly certain that I hadn't lost weight. Since that time,... Continue Reading →

I’m Tired of Being Tolerant

I'm tired of pretending to be being tolerant while our civilization is destroyed. I want civilization back. I want Brahms, Rembrandt, and intricate French Gothic cathedrals. I want beautiful music, art, architecture, culture, and real science back. I want basic human decency and kindness. To get it back, we have to reject modernity and have... Continue Reading →

A Helpful Tip For Quitting Social Media

I became inactive on social media about eight years ago. I deleted all accounts except Facebook because all of those "friends" I had. After four years, Facebook was gone too. It wasn't easy. Those things are made to be highly addictive, offering continual hits of dopamine. While Facebook was disabled, but not yet deleted, I... Continue Reading →

Et Tu, Umor?

Is it just me, or does it seem like everyone has lost their sense of humor these last several years? People are so easily offended by innocently incorrect pronouns, American flags, vaccine status, school choice, vocal politicians, and perceived inequity. It's exhausting. And those offended never seem willing to engage in discussion to untangle the... Continue Reading →

The 19th Amendment Was A Mistake

About two weeks ago, I presented a prompt on your most unpopular opinion. I have been shunned so thoroughly that I forgot my most controversial opinion. This will likely piss some folks off. That's okay. It's an idea I first considered in my freshmen Psychology 101 course around 15 years ago when learning about "waffle"... Continue Reading →

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