Fearlessly Taking Flight

As flat palms and extended fingers are pressed into an assortment of mats and as shins are carefully balanced on triceps, I remain crumpled at angles—tiny grid marks forming on my forehead as the smell of 5-year-old rubber wafts up my nose, trying to steal my attention. I am learning, ever so slowly, to listen... Continue Reading →

Web Miscellany: Compilation #42

t are you up to this (long) weekend? I'm getting a follow-up MRI to check up on Petey the pituitary tumor, setting aside time to continue reading Little Fires Everywhere (yay, public library!) and spending time with my mom while my dad is visiting my sister in Missouri. I'm also trying to plan fun things to do... Continue Reading →

Process, Progress and Productivity Shame

Popular advice states that we should refrain from comparing ourselves to others, instead focusing our discerning eyes on who we are currently versus who we were before. Generally speaking, we make strides forward. We fall in love, get the promotion, become more spiritual, achieve a new personal best and learn an important lesson along the... Continue Reading →

Web Miscellany: Compilation #41

Happy Friday! What are you up to this weekend? I've planning to attend a showing of The Dark Crystal (which I've never seen before) and make kimchi with ingredients from the farmer's market. Hope you have a good one! Here are a few interesting links from around the web: "You build on failure. You use it... Continue Reading →

Second-Degree Squash

I flipped the switch on the Vitamix with my right hand and immediately started screaming. I was making butternut squash soup and the recipe called for a quick blending the warmed liquid before serving. Something went terribly awry and the steaming chunks of winter squash went flying across the kitchen. Before I could even process... Continue Reading →

Web Miscellany: Compilation #40

Happy Friday! What are you up to this weekend? I'm going on a day trip to Sedona to ameliorate a not-so-stellar week, and then celebrating Mother's Day with my extended family. Hope you have a good one! Here are a few fun reading-themed links from around the web: "The two most engaging powers of an author... Continue Reading →

Hey, Can You Save Me?

Yesterday, I got an instant message from a coworker, causally asking, "Hey, can you save me?" I agreed before inquiring what, exactly, he needed saving from. "I'm trapped," he replied, "to your right." We work in an open office plan and the sliding glass door to the conference room had gotten stuck and he couldn't... Continue Reading →

Book Review: The Atomic Weight of Love

What would you do if you were asked to give up all of your hopes and dreams to support your significant other in achieving theirs? Would resentment build up or would the major sacrifice feel more like a gift, a selfless offering? In The Atomic Weight of Love, 17-year-old Meridian Wallace faces these very questions... Continue Reading →

Rest & Relaxation: April in Retrospect

This past month, my health issues flared up a fair amount and, so, I've made true self-care my priority. I spent approximately 50% of April sleeping and, first the first time, I no longer have the energy to fight the fatigue. April was a month of accepting where I am and tackling only things within... Continue Reading →

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