Hello, November!

Well, it's been a few weeks. So, here's a series of random thoughts that I don't necessarily have the bandwidth to dig into. We're still out of our home, the HOA's insurance agent is dragging us along, and our lawyer is getting ready to pounce. It feels like we're been in limbo for the last... Continue Reading →

The Family We Choose

Yesterday, I had the opportunity to visit my best friend. She and her family live across town, so it's trickier to coordinate, but always such a cherished time. I helped her wrap dumplings, we ate together, and we caught up after a two-month hiatus. She showed me pictures of their daughter at the beach with... Continue Reading →

The Seasons Are Changing And I Am Too

The weather in Phoenix is beginning to cool. The 110 degree days are easing into the low-90s, and it's a welcomed change. I've always loved autumn, despite the lack of changing trees and sweating profusely while trick-or-treating most years. This year is no different. Yet, in some way I've yet to decipher, it does feel... Continue Reading →

The Day It Snowed in Phoenix

Within the first few months of dating, my boyfriend and I were discussing growing up in Valley of the Sun, when I happened to mention the magical day in December 1998 when it snowed in downtown Phoenix. I had just exited the Children's Theater with my family and was running up and down the steps... Continue Reading →

It’s Been A Whirlwind Week

Hello, dear readers! It's been a hot minute. Life has been a whirlwind this past week. And I anticipate the same for the month to come. My partner went to Memphis for a graduate school interview. Everything went well, the interviewers were impressed, the current students seemed happy, and it seems like a great fit.... Continue Reading →

Evolution Favors The Immoral

While driving with my boyfriend the other day, we encountered a half-dozen idiots on the road. Within a five minute stretch, we were almost hit by a series of street racers flying by at 110 miles per hour, cut off twice, and flipped off by a crazy dog lady for, presumably, going only 15 miles... Continue Reading →

The Absurdity Of Vanity Sizing

Twelve years ago, I recall trying on clothes at Ann Taylor Loft and noticed that my usual size small was swimming on me. Hmm. I sized down and then kicked myself for not owning a scale. My existing clothes fit the same, so I was fairly certain that I hadn't lost weight. Since that time,... Continue Reading →

The Heavy Toll of Brain Fog

I was recently sent an article on brain fog from The Atlantic. I tried to skim, but was sucked into the details. I felt like an obsessive-compulsive personality meticulously picking open an old wound--it was one of those situations where you're staring at a horrific train wreck, but can't bring yourself to look away. For... Continue Reading →

The Hashknife Pony Express

I recently attended my first meeting of the Daughters of the American Revolution meeting. Within minutes of arriving, I had met a dozen older women, filled a bag of candies for first responders, and leaned about a dozen upcoming volunteer opportunities and fundraising projects. It's Constitution Week, so many women are speaking to elementary schools... Continue Reading →

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