I once read that the best indicator of your ideal job is the obsession of your nine-year-old self. At that age, I enjoyed reading Harry Potter, building with Legos, rollerblading down steep hills, selling hand-crafted Pony Bead lizards door-to-door, and writing incessantly about our family trip to the Rocky Mountains. I’m still trying to translate these interests into adulthood.

My late-twenty-something obsessions include writing, vegan cooking, not-so-hot yoga, trail hiking, financial independence and early retirement, writing, intellectual discussions, discovering new ways to foster personal growth, project management, and volunteering to build other peoples’ IKEA furniture.

In early 2018, I became very ill and I’m still working with a team of doctors to discern what’s going on. Various symptoms, acceptance, and recovery are an integral part of my journey right now.

My 10-year-goal is to open a little dog-friendly nook called “Rube Goldberg’s,” which will be filled with miscellaneous hardware, shelves of books, a cafe that serves chai tea lattes and artisan chocolate, and a podium at which my hopefully-by-then husband will give lectures on whatever strikes his fancy.

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