Mid-May Update

The weekend is upon us yet again! It feels like this year is just flying by. The days are here and then gone in a flash. It’s not just me, right? It’s hard to keep track of everything.

My last post generated some great discussions. Thanks to everyone who took time to read and comment on Flash Judgements & Finding Middle Ground. The topic was the judgements we make without context, but the example of firearms turned out to be quite controversial, so I appreciate the civility and thoughtfulness in the comments. It was not my intention to stir the pot or upset anyone, and I hope it didn’t come across as such.

Anti-Fungals: One week down, 23 to go. Though I had planned to start my anti-fungal protocol on Wednesday, the pharmacist insisted that it’s well-tolerated and she’s never heard of an adverse reaction. Thus, I started early and have been on Sporonox for over a week, along with some additional supplemental support, including MegaSporeBiotic, nitric oxide, dismuzyme, and a dozen other anti-inflammatory supplements. The only side effect I’ve noticed, which my boyfriend is also experiencing, is the sensation of a band-aid being ripped off beneath the dermal layer. Curious, I went back and looked at my 2018 PET scan, measured the distance from bony landmarks to the bright orange masses, and–wouldn’t ya know–the strange sensation perfectly aligns with the “cancer scare” lesions. So, the 2018 PET scan findings were probably mold spores growing in the soft tissues of my legs, which is now being extracted by the anti-fungal medication. It’s disgusting and utterly fascinating! And it gives me even more hope that I’m on the right path.

Master’s departure. My in-laws are out of town, so we’re watching their dog. She’s a German Shepard and she’s bonded to my father-in-law, so has a hard time with his being away. However, we’ve won favor with walks, car rides, brushing, belly rubs, chicken, bacon, and treats. She’s getting by just fine without her master. Yesterday, we went to watch a show and as soon as the in-law’s most recent channel came on, the dog came bolting across the house. Fox News??! Master must be home! I swear we almost died of laughter.

The HOA is still a nightmare. We’ve been out of our home for 15 months and no progress has been made on remediation. The property manager was going to consult their legal team and get back to us within a month, which has passed. While we’re not going to sue for medical, we have several attorneys chopping at the bit to take a case on poor construction, maintenance negligence, time out of our home, and loss of enjoyment of life. We’ve been trying to work with them, so we can repair, sell, and walk away, but they’ve backed us into a corner. We can’t afford to keep paying for a home we can’t live in AND a second home or apartment to call home, which will happen if we’re locked into litigation. So, we’ll likely be pursuing a lawsuit. Ugh. Think twice if you ever consider buying a condo.

I finished a 10-day audit at work It’s a “dress rehearsal” for the real audit in September. I had to be online at 5am my time for two weeks to meet with my east coast collages and the audit team. It was exhausting. It’s over, and all went well, but it really drained me.

We recently saved two abandoned baby doves. Well, mom and dad got back to work and the next set of eggs hatched. Uh oh. Thankfully, mama dove stayed with them until they took off on their own. Every time I walked by, I couldn’t help saying, “good mama”. It gave me such a sense of contentment. The two two babies are hanging out in a nearly tree. However, we found an adult dove had flown into the window near the nest and died, perhaps mom or dad, which is just heartbreaking.

Finally, I’m going on vacation next month. Woohoo! Being a one-income household limits out flexible spending, so we happily live a quiet and low-cost life. However, a friend in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho invited us to stay with her. We’ll stay there for a few days, and then rent a car and venture out to the Bitterroot Valley, Kalispell, and Glacier National Park. With flights, renting a car for a few days, hotels for a few nights, and projected gas costs, we should be able to swing a 9-day trip for about $1,800, thanks to our friends’ generous offer. Not too shabby. I’m so excited! If you’re familiar with Northern Idaho and/or Western Montana, please do chime in with any recommendations.

Hope y’all have a fantastic weekend!

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  1. So many positives in this post Erin! The top one I think has to be that you seem (even though it’s early) to be getting results from the new meds targeting what they should be. That’s fantastic and I’m happy for you and your partner!

    Yay for the vacation! It’s always a money saver when you can room with friends for some of the trip. 9 days is a good amount of time to be out and about. It’s been forever since I’ve been through Idaho and into MT- seriously I think I was in 9th grade, but I know people have all sorts of good comments about Glacier.

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    1. Yes, it may be placebo, but my gut feeling is that we’ve finally landed on the solution, so it’s exciting to note even the minor changes.

      It will be so nice to escape the hot, drab desert and be surrounded by trees, mountains, and lakes! Our last trip, several years ago, was to the PNW to visit my boyfriend old friends/college roommates in Seattle. It’s so beautiful! If it weren’t for recent activity with the Cascadia fault line, we would have moved to the Olympic Peninsula in a heartbeat. I anticipate MT/ID will be equally lovely!

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      1. Yes, you don’t grow up and choose to live here without knowing a lot about volcanoes, earthquakes, fault lines, subduction zones, and tsunamis! I tend to simply tuck away in the back of my brain that someday in my shorter lifetime I may fall into the Pacific Ocean or break off from North America and find myself living on a brand new continent 😉

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  2. Wow — so glad you survived the intense audit extravaganza. You deserve a vacation, I say! I don’t have any travel tips but will anxiously await all the details…because surely you’ll provide pics and blog about your adventures, right? (I LOVE vicarious travel!) xo! 🥰

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    1. Thanks, Vicki! I’ll probably be offline for the duration of the trip, but will definitely share pics and details upon my return. Yay! fingers crossed that we’re be recovered enough in 5 weeks to handle some light hiking! 🤞

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  3. Congrats on starting your treatment, Erin and good luck with continuing to deal with the HOA on your home. Slowly but surely you will get there.

    I’m glad that you can enjoy a vacation soon too. Glacier National Park sounds amazing. Enjoy the well deserved break.


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