The Turning Point in My Journey

Earlier this week, my boyfriend and I had an appointment with our physician to review our lab results. I mentioned that good things were brewing, and I think the tea is just about steeped. The presence of mycotoxins in our bodies has been confirmed, and our levels match the symptoms of thousands of other patients. We’re on the right path and, with treatment, this is reversible.

While the level look semi-low, the doctor noted that these elements are poison to the body, so any level can be problematic. The test measures IgG antibodies, which indicates current exposure to to mycotoxins, which are presumed to be in the body since we have been in a mold-free environment for 15 months. Note that IgG for viruses, bacteria, molds, and parasite is an indication of past exposure, but toxins like mercury, pesticides, the mycotoxins produced by fungi represent current exposure. The test also measures IgE, which indicates that mycotoxins in the body are stimulating mast cells, causing an inflammatory reaction, triggering Mast Cell Activation Syndrome (MCAS).

The chart is a bit deceiving. Although the actual results don’t span all the way into the high positive zone, the mycotoxins are harmful chemicals and low positive results are still bad. My doctor reviewed my results with the researcher who developed the test and has seen over 15,000 set of results, and he was told that I should be bed-ridden and largely non-functional. I guess that’s the power of will? The first five markers are highly associated with brain fog, so that symptom make sense.

Values above 0.150 are consider abnormal. For my IgG, my levels range from 2.5 to 11.5 times the acceptable limit (current exposure), and levels range from 2.25 to 4.75 times greater than that threshold for IgE (overblown immune response).

This is the validation I’ve been waiting for. Mold exposure may not be the whole story, but it’s at least a huge piece of the puzzle.

Next up is treatment. Well, it’s time to rearrange the budget because the Sporanox anti-fungal treatment, after insurance or GoodRx, starts at $1,780 per month. I need to be on it for a minimum of six months ($10,680) and up to twelve months ($21,360). It’s cheaper through Canadian pharmacies but, of course, they are all out of stock. Ouch!

The generic version, which is supposedly less effective, is still crazy expensive at $700 per month. The cheap stuff would cost between $4,200 and $8,400 for the duration of treatment. Welcome to the American medical system.

Last, but certainly not least, if I respond poorly to Sporonox or its generic equivalent, there is a third option. I was far too shocked to catch the name, but I did jot down that it costs $7,800 per month! Yes, you read that right. A full round of treatment would run between $46,800 and $93,600. I have no words.

I am very sensitive to medication, even over-the-counter stuff, so a bad reaction is a legitimate risk. I began seriously panicking before realizing I have insurance. I’m $3,000 away from my out-of-pocket maximum, assuming there isn’t sneaky fine print. I also have $1,700 left in my annual flexible spending account for medical. I can swing $1,300. Over $90,000, through? Unbelievable!

In addition to the anti-fungal, my recovery protocol will also includes: phosphatidyl serine, melatonin, b-complex, nitric oxide, probiotics, DHA/EPA, l-carnatine, curcumin, CoQ10, resveratrol, magnesium, and vitamin D3. I’m currently on, and have been for years, all but the nitric oxide and resveratrol. Hopefully, it won’t be too much of a shock to the system.

Our doctor let us know that he has two other patients, a mother and daughter, with similar lab values who are a month ahead of us in their treatment. So far, they’ve had no adverse effects and their brain fog has begun lifting. This is very promising news for us! Last time I was anti-fungal meds for ten months, all my hair fell out and I looked perpetually jaundiced. I was prepared to awkwardly present the “no, not cancer” explanation, but they may not even be necessary.

My liver enzymes came back low-ish, but apparently that’s not an issue. High levels would have been prohibitive, so I’m all clear for takeoff. We’ll be filling the itraconazole prescription–brand name or generic–as soon as we figure out the cheapest vendor.

And then it’s off to the races!

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  1. Wow, crazy expensive. Are you able to add a pay button to your site? I cannot donate much but maybe with a few people donating something, it would help you guys out.

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    1. Tamara, you are so incredibly sweet and thoughtful! 🥰🥰

      Assuming the generic version is okay for us and the medication counts toward my insurance max out-of-pocket, we should be able to rearrange our funds to meet that number without too much hullabaloo. However, if there is some unforeseen snag where we will have to pay tens of thousands, I will keep your suggestion in mind.

      Just having this wonderful little community cheering us on, saying prayers, and sending good vibes means everything. So, thank you!!! ❤️

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  2. Oh no, how about the place where you live. Can they get rid of the mold. I’m sure a lot of us are sick like this. Old buildings, mold and asbestos, then everything (food) that has changed, there is so much toxic stuff out there. I wish you and your boyfriend to feel better.

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    1. We’ve been out of our home for 15 months (staying with relatives in a home that tested negative for mold), so are thankfully out of the harmful environment. You are so right–our modern world is filled with all kinds of chemical and toxins, and I think it’s doing far more harm than many realize.

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  3. You are…finally…armed with information. And what I know about you? Once you’ve got the data, the next steps appear! All of this sounds like meaningful movement. Big hugs to you and your boyfriend, Erin! 🥰🥰🥰

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  4. Wow that is absolutely shocking the cost, Erin, as you noted. But nonetheless, I am glad your feelings and thoughts were validated and that there appears to be a path forward. Sending you continued well wishes as you navigate this road ahead.

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