Yet Another Great Day

Earlier this week, I had a day filled with birds, blood, and blogging buddies. (Thanks, Wynne, for the clever and alliteration!)

After weeks of harassing attorney’s offices, we called our most promising lead only to learn that he had passed away the night before. Ouch. So, I called our long-shot option and, lo and behold, the office wants to take our case. We’re waiting for the official paperwork, but they think it’s a slam dunk. What?! We’ve always been certain we have a case, but to have someone agree to represent us on contingency feels like a miracle. We just need to get the suit filed and then we’re golden.

Additionally, last week, a recruiter called me out of the blue about a job opening. I love my company and my job, so have no intention of leaving. However, I figured there’s no harm in going through the interview process to polish up my skills and assess what stood out about my credentials. I had a 45-minute video interview with three high-level employees, which went well. While it seems like a great company with exciting prospects for future growth, I’m too happy where I am to jump ship, especially when their pay cap equates to a mere 7% pay bump. Entertaining the idea served to reinforced how content I really am, and for that I’m grateful.

Finally, I had the pleasure of seeing a stunning and massive cactus bloom on a midday walk. Two hours earlier, they had been closed. Two hours later, they had closed once again and fallen off. We captured the beauty within the perfect little window. I’ve never seen this type of cactus before, but they’re really neat.

We’ve been through the ringer, but we’re keeping the hope. And with hope comes beauty, even on the worst day. But the good days? The light and goodness is almost blinding! Whatever you’re going through, hang in there. Let life be good.

22 thoughts on “Yet Another Great Day

  1. Your week is on a roll, Erin. It’s always great to feel good both about your current job but also the boost of knowing you’re in demand with other recruiters and employers! And best of all, that is fantastic news about the law firm. Best wishes and fingers crossed!

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    1. Thanks, Ab! Yes, the interview gave me a sense that I wouldn’t have too tough a time finding a new job, if needed. And we are crossing our fingers with the law firm.. it would be a huge step towards getting our lives back on track.


  2. Glad to hear you have a light at the end of the long tunnel! Fingers crossed for you guys!

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    1. Thank you, Laina! We’ve had so much rain recently that all the succulents are blooming far more than usual, so it’s been a extra-special treat! 😊


  3. Let life be good. I love it. With such a perfect line, I won’t even bother with more silly alliteration about filing (a lawsuit), finding (you’re perfectly happy where you are) and flowers… πŸ™‚ Thanks for sharing your joy!!

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    1. Why is it that, as human, we’re often so prone to resisting and rejecting “good enough” for better. Life really is grand, if we just allow it to be. Thanks, Wynne! 😊

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  4. Congrats Erin! Such good news on the attorney acceptance. I so hope this gets itself done and you can finally move ahead with the condo issue, and then life! It feels good to be wanted doesn’t it, even when you weren’t searching out new jobs. Maybe that cactus knew something and thought a few gorgeous blooms would highlight the amazing day πŸ˜‰

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    1. Thank you, Deb!! I’m hoping and praying we’ll receive the contract today, file within the next few months, and (finally) start moving forward. Being sought out for a job does feel good, and it feels just as good to have the freedom to say “no, thanks”. I think you’re right about the cactus! It was just waiting to brighten my day. 😊

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