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I don’t use social media. However, I do have several dozen Twitter accounts bookmarked, which I visit on a periodic basis.

Recently, I was excited to discover that some of the “Twitter experts” who I enjoy learning from were joining together to create a quarterly magazine: Renegade Health. It’s $25 for a PDG/Kindle version or $30 for a paperback version. I was not disappointed! It is the best money I’ve spent in awhile. I read all 94 pages in the course of few hours and will be revisiting it again and again.

Here’s an overview from the creators:

Renegade Health Magazine is designed with one goal: helping you get healthy. In the inaugural edition of Renegade Health Magazine, you will get 30 articles from over 30 professionals with a proven ability to improve the average person’s health. They may not be doctors. They may not have prestigious credentials. They aren’t funded by Big Pharma, Big Ag, or Big Academia. They get results. Topics include medicine, weight training, physical therapy, stress, sleep, growing your own food, healthcare commentary, and more. The health information space is broken. Renegade Health Magazine is the first step towards fixing it.

In This Issue

Physical Therapy

  • Fix Your Knee Pain with Simple Strategies by Alexander Cortes
  • Restore Lost Range of Motion In Any Joint by BowTied Kobra
  • Understanding Shoulder Impingement by BowTied Bengal
  • Building Stronger, Denser Bones for Life by Hybrid Athlete
  • The Site of the Pain Is Never the Source by Alexandre Bernier

Weight Training

  • Strength Prevents Dying by Marc Lobliner
  • Building a Legit Natural Physique by Francis Melia


  • Practical and Delicious Meal Prep by BowTied Octopod


  • To Medicate or Not To Medicate; That is the Question by Abud Bakri
  • Anxiety and OCD Protocol: GABA Quantum Revitalization by Grimhood
  • The Importance of Optimal Estrogen Levels in Men by BowTied Biohacker
  • How to Avoid A Heart Attack by Philip Ovadia
  • Finding A Physician to Optimize Your Health by BowTied Loon
  • My Diabetes Journey by Benjamin Braddock
  • Diabetes Damages The Heart by Brady Holmer
  • Healthy Mother, Healthy Baby by Dr. Bryan
  • Revival of The Hippocratic Oath by Remnant MD


  • Conquer Your Sleep Disorder by BowTied Hermit Crab
  • The Effects of Mold on Circadian Rhythm by Andra Sitoianu
  • Early Morning & Late Night Phone Use Is Destroying Your Health by RootCause Doctor

Mental Health

  • The Dismal State of Youth Mental Health by Cultivating Chi
  • Four Pillars of Stress by John Constas

Skin & Teeth

  • Can I Use Moisturizer After Niacinamide? by BowTied Fawn
  • Digging Deeper into the Oral Microbiome by BowTied Gator DDS


  • Love in the Time of Dating Apps by BowTied Cuda


  • 7 Herbs for Your Kitchen Apothecary by BowTied Mrs Garden
  • Where Does Your Apothecary Grow? by BowTied Garden


  • A Better Approach to Buying Supplements by BowTied Grey
  • Ditch Your Multivitamin by BowTied Vitamins


  • DEI is the Death Knell for Medicine by Doc Anarchy

Buy It Here!

Anything sound intriguing to you? If you’re interested, you can buy the PDF, Kindle, and paperback book here. I’m not an affiliate or anything. I have nothing to gain from sharing other than, hopefully, helping expose others to ideas that may improve their health.

These are just some random folks on the internet that I happened to discover, but they gave me ideas to help repair, reverse, and recover from my chronic health conditions. I’m not 100% yet, but I’m no longer bedridden.

This magazine is not filled with the standard pill-popping advice, but instead suggestions addressing the root cause of illness at a biochemical level. It’s cutting edge and common sense. It involves lifestyle changes, such as exercise and supplementing nutritional deficiencies (which most of us have, no matter how well we eat, due to depletion of minerals in the soil).

It right up my alley and, just maybe, something that you or someone in you life might benefit from. If you check it out, I hope you enjoy!

10 thoughts on “The Best New Magazine for Optimal Health

  1. I like the fact that they are addressing the causes and not treating symptoms. Too much of medicine tries to help symptoms rather than get to the root level. What is up with all the “Bow Tied” names?

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    1. Yes, absolutely! I tend to want to address the root cause rather than treating symptoms, so I also really appreciate that approach. About the “Bow Tied” names, I don’t know where that came from, but all the accounts have to do with how to be successful in life (health, fitness, finances, relationships, etc.) so I’m guess that’s what it means. I guess I’ve been off social media for too long haha!

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  2. I’ve not heard of this magazine, but I do know that many times a random person on Twitter or Instagram has said something that changed my life for the better. I’m glad you found something that’ll help you.

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    1. Yes, I’ve experienced the same, where something resonates on such a deep level and changes my life. Thanks, Ally! This was the first issue, so it’s brand new, but I’m hopeful it will be a great tool for folks.

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