Best Buds, or Something Like That

Last summer, my parents adopted two stray rag doll kittens. Their 12-year cat had passed away, leaving behind his lonely litter-mate. Within a few months, one of the kittens succumbed to a rod infection in his lung, leaving behind his lonely sister.

The cats were kept separated for months but, with both seeking out companionship, I convinced my parents that a few tiffs may be necessary for them to get used to each other. Little Poppy was submissive and Owen was quick to put her in her place and teach her to maneuver the treat dispenser. Extra food was a plus for the choonky cheeto.

Wherever Owen goes, Poppy follows.

Torment. Tolerate. Torment. Tolerate.

While I don’t think he’s exactly pleased with the little rascal, he’s patient when she lies down next to him and grooms the hard-to-reach places. While they might not exactly be friends, I think they’re approaching something adjacent to that. Perhaps companionship by necessity.

15 thoughts on “Best Buds, or Something Like That

  1. Sometimes tolerating is all you can ask for- especially with cats! My daughter had to integrate her cat Finn into her husbands household with Ashes, his 16 yo girl. She is wary of most everything and Finn was a huge disruption. I think they’ve come to a grudging understanding of territory- she sleeps under the bed near the heater vent- he sleeps on top of the bed and they adamantly have to leave the bedroom at different times- never together!

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      1. So this has me laughing Erin! I can’t say it was an unspoken agreement at all. From what I’ve been told Ashes has been and continues to be VERY vocal about her preferences and doesn’t hesitate to loudly keep Finn in his place 😉


  2. These two cats are beautiful. And like Deb said, sometimes peaceful tolerance and coexistence is you can ask for, especially with cats. 😊 I’m sorry about the loss of one of the kitten. 🙏

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    1. Exactly haha!! Owen and Poppy send they love and snuggles! My mom actually just texted me that she caught Owen grooming Poppy… affection? dominance? Either, progress. 😊

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  3. I love the photos. My kitty had to tolerate Waffles the pug when my daughter studied abroad. our household turned into chaos. Olive was not a happy kitty and Waffles never learned not to chase. Even after getting a claw stuck in his face!

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    1. Animals are so funny, and the dynamics between them are just fascinating. I can just imagine Waffles chasing Olive around, wanting to play, and registering that the cat had no interest. Too funny!

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