Isolated Diastolic Hypotension

Today, we cleaned the car. Every time I shifted my position from squatting to standing, I had to sit down due to overwhelming dizziness. It’s the same sensation I’ve experienced before fainting–lightheadedness, waves of nausea, and a flood of warmth across my face. As usual, I made my way to bedroom, propped up against the walls to be safe, and ran my blood pressure. 109/42 with a heart rate of 99.

Normal is 120/80, though I tend to run closer to 100/60. Systolic below 60 gives reason for concern, yet the cardiologist said there’s nothing he can do. “You’re the first person in my 50 years of practice I’ve recommended this to, but eat more salt.” Dude, I’m so far ahead of you.

Now that the symptoms of crushing fatigue and acidic burning in my muscles are gone, isolated diastolic hypotension has become my worst nemesis. The heart is supposed to relax and fill with blood, but apparently mine didn’t get the memo. Physically, it’s a terribly uncomfortable feeling.

When my diastolic falls below 47, it feels like all faculties are shutting down. It’s been two hours since I consumed a pack of rehydration salts, which include almost 3 grams of sodium chloride, and my heart still seems to be passed out drunk by the poolside, completely unaware. It’s terribly frustrating.

But, I think buried beneath the frustration is fear. There is something wrong with my heart. I’ve been working with cardiologist, biochemists, and other physicians for 9 years and they can’t figure it out. I’m at constant risk of syncope and mild risk of heart failure. How do we fix it? What do we do? I’m willing to make whatever dietary or lifestyle changes may be necessary.

“Eat more salt. Maybe potassium, too.”

“Try plasmalogens. They’ll help repair the cardiac tissue.”

“I have lots of treatments for high blood pressure. Low blood pressure isn’t so common…”

I’ve been loading up on salt for almost a decade and the plasmalogens for 2 years. If toxic mold was the cause, I’ve been out of that environment for a year. So, does that mean there is permanent damage?

Out of everyone we know, my boyfriend and I are the most conscientious of our health. We eat strictly unprocessed, home-cooked organic produce. We take third-party tested supplements based on regular lab work and analysis by a biochemist. We do light exercise daily. We’ve eliminate all stressors. We would be the healthiest of all.

But instead I have the heart of an 80-year-old. And just have to sit and wait for the damn thing to wake up and get back to work. I guess it’s just one of those days…

11 thoughts on “Isolated Diastolic Hypotension

  1. Interestingly, I was just reading an article earlier this week that the WHO (World Health Organization) says we’re eating way too much salt and it’s going to lead to a health crisis. You often don’t think or read about the reverse – hypotension. Thanks for sharing this with us and making us see a different perspective. It sounds so exhausting and hard and sending you lots of well wishes.

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    1. Thank you, Ab. Thankfully, I’m feeling much better today. I suspect the average person consumes a lot of processed foods, and thus a lot of sodium. Before I had issues, I thought the lower the blood pressure the better, but I guess too low can also be problematic. The human body really is fascinating–the more I learn, the more I find myself viewing it as a biochemical machine, requiring precise inputs and ratios.


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