Medicine Is Broken

Time for an itty bitty rant.

I’m frustrated with Western medicine. My general practitioner is great. He was the first to believe I was actually sick, he entertains whatever wild ideas I bring to the table, and he’s generally kind. I no longer see any of the “specialists” because so many were cruel. The private pay integrative physicians I’ve seen are great, but I can only afford a $500+ appointment when all other avenues have been exhausted.

During the brief time an attorney took on our case for mold, he calculated over 250 medical appointments, scans, labs, and hospital visits over the course of my illness. One of the hospital visits is a funny story, in retrospect, but everything else was a living nightmare.

Several times over the years, practitioners have expressed suspicion about thyroid issues. However, it seems that no one ever tested me for anti-thyroid auto-antibodies. And the only reason we tested is because my accommodating physician humored the request from my dietician.

So, it seems I have developed autoimmune thyroiditis. Pair that with extremely high levels of sex hormone-binding globulin, and it’s likely hyperthyroid. We’ll see. I’m talking to my dietician, the most trusted man on my medical team, this coming week.

What’s the point? Medicine is broken. Normal ranges are based on the unhealthy average, and we need to go to the peer-reviewed literature to understand what would be optimal. But so few are willing to go through the effort. Instead, we adjust the “normal range” to match the average population, so that people who are on the verge of sickness can carry on believing they are well. It’s unethical.

Had I known my “normal levels” were not optimal in countless areas, I may have been able to prevent so much of the damage that has been due to chronic inflammation.

I’m fortunate that my partner and I are both curious and determined to restore our health. We read the research, watched YouTube lectures, found good practitioners across the country, and led in the discovery of the cause and solutions for our health ailments. We are fortune that we were both pre-med and understand the sciences.

But how many others are struggling, without help from the system or their doctors? I shudder to think about it.

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    1. Yes – ditto for Vicki’s wisdom and wishes. I’m sorry it’s a tough system but thank goodness for your tenacity and partnership. I love that you note that this is a mini rant and the beginning. I hope that writing it down is therapeutic on many levels – and even helps sort it out some. Sending great wishes!

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  1. I applaud you Erin, in taking so much initiative regarding your own health. Would it be amazing for our care providers to really listen to us while being willing to explore all avenues, including alternative diagnoses and treatments- YES! How many really will do that…I have my doubts. Then yes, add in those who have few choices, financial constraints, the inability to research and dig for themselves…not much left but to simply take what is handed to you and hope. As someone who often takes a more holistic viewpoint to health (while trying not to disparage technology and all it provides) I have often found myself depending on my own capabilities to find/suggest answers. It is not easy in any way, but keep at it. I think you know Erin better than anyone else 🙂

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  2. “Normal ranges are based on the unhealthy average,” This says so much! As the general populations get unhealthier and unhealthier, while doctors get more and more accustomed to the perks and rewards they receive from pharmaceutical companies, they prescribe medications at a rate never seen before, and aren’t motivated to look for the cause and possible cure! The financial payoff to the entire medical community is to keep people ill.

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    1. Yes, you’ve nailed it, Tamara! It’s something I admittedly didn’t realize until I became ill. I couldn’t understand how I could feel so poorly and be “healthy” according to my labs. The pharmaceutical profit machine is a rabbit hole I’ve gone down a few times… it’s really tragic, and so many people are suffering, spending money on unnecessary medications, and have no clue that targeted diet, exercise, and supplementation–re-calibrating the body–are even more effective than most meds.

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      1. It’s unconscionable but that’s the way they choose to live, profits and financial gain over doing actual good!

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