My Mid-Weekend Pick-Me-Up

Last night, I received a text from my best friend: “She remembered. She came and said this to me out of nowhere.”

After bath-time, my niece had put on her pajamas and collected the puppy stuffed animals she got for Christmas. As she methodically pulled the puppies out of the mamma’s zip up belly, she said “Uncle R and Aunt Erin gave Annie the puppies for gift.”

My friend grabbed her phone and asked the little girl to repeat what she’s said. Now on video, “Uncle R and Aunt Erin gave Annie the puppies for gift.” Now accessible to me whenever I need a pick-me-up.

When I commented about the toddler’s precious and thoughtful nature, my friend insisted that her daughter simply remembered my kindness.

I wasn’t able to support my friend much during her pregnancy due to my fatigue. I wasn’t able to support her much during her daughters first year of life due to the uncertainty around the pandemic. But last night, the guilt that has weighed on my for the last few years melted away.

I’ve been around enough. My niece remembers who I am. She knows that I care about and love her. And that’s I wanted–for her to know she has family beyond her parents, and that she is loved. My heart feels so full today

Are all kids this adorable?!

12 thoughts on “My Mid-Weekend Pick-Me-Up

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  1. Are they all this adorable…you ask. I sure think so…each in their own way…but the trick is to be the observant adult and catch all the goodness. What a sweet story for you to share, Erin. Thank you! 💕

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  2. We live in a world of shoulds, must do, and should have, while kids live in the reality of what is. When someone is kind to them, they see it! So awesome!

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