Because I Was Important In The Life Of A Child

I was a shy and bookish child, and I always had a stack of stories and encyclopedias at my disposal. My brother was obsessed with building and designing, so he had Legos, K’NEX, and an architectural drafting table. My sister was a social butterfly, so she was signed up for every extracurricular activity available.

One of the best things my parents did was pay attention to and feed our interests. Despite raising three children with vastly different personalities and strengths, each child had a place where we could grow and thrive.

Looking back on my childhood, I don’t necessarily remember all of the books I read. But I do remember going to the library every weekend with my dad. I remember sitting next to my seven-month pregnant mom while she read a book of winter poems and feeling my baby sister kick for the first time. My parents were all always present, attentive, and aware of my current curiosities.

Kids are like sponges, always paying attention and taking in the world around them. As adults, we have the opportunity and, arguably, the responsibility to serve as role models to the children in our lives, and to foster their burgeoning minds.

Our interactions with the young people in our lives matter, often more than we realize.

Come join us on The Heart of the Matter where we’ll be diving into the topic today: Makers of History, Builders of Tomorrow.

5 thoughts on “Because I Was Important In The Life Of A Child

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    1. There were very few times during my childhood where I was happy to have siblings. However, my friends without siblings were always lonely. I don’t know what’s better–the constant squabbling or needing to find ways entertain oneself.

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  1. I think everyone’s family, and their experiences, are unique. I can’t imagine growing up without siblings – I have a brother and a sister – but the relationships we had as children have to a great extent continued into adulthood. I have a great, and close relationship with my brother, but not my sister.

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