The Silent Pandemics

For three years, we have been inundated with talk of the pandemic. On a daily basis, we’ve heard the words virus, mask, and vaccine. Yet, there are numerous more subtle pandemics plaguing our lives. And, with that awareness, there are lifestyle changes we can make to remedy these silent killers.

The Silent Pandemics

  1. We don’t eat real food.
  2. We don’t exercise.
  3. We sit at desks and on couches.
  4. We numb our emotions with food, drugs, and alcohol.
  5. We decided that the sun is dangerous for our health.
  6. We don’t allow ourselves to be bored anymore.
  7. We hunch over our phones all day.
  8. We created a pill for every ill.
  9. We’ve decided that being entertained is more important than living.
  10. We have a constant connection to our devices but no connection to ourselves nor to our communities.
  11. We eat too many calories, but not enough nutrition.
  12. We strive for likes more than we strive to make a difference.
  13. Some scientists promote sugary cereals to be more nutritious than eggs and beef.
  14. We believe our feelings are facts.
  15. We think being offended can change the facts.
  16. We suffer from things we don’t control rather than focus on the things we have control over.
  17. We trade our sleep for more social media time.
  18. We are mentally unhealthy because we’re physically unhealthy.
  19. There’s a health food section in the grocery store, when it should be where the whole foods are.
  20. We trust our health with food and pharmaceutical companies when their top priority is profit.
  21. People watch mainstream news to stay informed, when media outlets want us to feel angry and scared.
  22. We put too much focus on money and status, and not enough focus on health, family, and community.
  23. We trust the experts, rather than doing our own research or understanding the motivations of the experts.

I don’t have all the answers, but I believe that we can live better lives by taking the opposite approach of this list. Take action. Be proactive. Level up your lifestyle, one area a at time, and reclaim your health.

9 thoughts on “The Silent Pandemics

  1. Wow – what a list. I kept nodding as I read…these are on-point! Especially #14 and #15…
    Thank you for sharing. Does your brilliant brain ever take a break? LOL! 😉😉😉

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    1. Why, thank you for the kind words, Vickie! I’m so glad to hear it resonated. 😊 I get so frustrated at the lack of accountability in the world. I don’t think people realize that their tiny, daily habits are slowly killing them… physically, emotionally, and intellectually. We’re all capable, and destined for so much more than we are allowing ourselves to experience.

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    2. I’m with Vicki – I was agreeing, as I went down the line. Excellent points – all of them! And as you said, accountability is key.

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  2. Most of these points take work to remediate, and honestly, we’ve (using the collective ‘we’) become very lazy. We get our news from distorted or untrue headlines, when we get upset and angry and take it out on others. We don’t like exercising or watching our food intake, but then get defensive when the doctor tells us we have a weight problem or another weight/diet related health issue. We just want to take medications to resolve those issues, when we could resolve them through a healthy diet and moderate exercise. So much of what we experience today is self-inflicted. Yes, these are silent pandemics, and we have the power to work on them!

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    1. Thanks so much for your thoughtful comment, Tamara! I completely agree! I actually have a post scheduled for tomorrow that touches on just this. Laziness today leads to challenges tomorrow, whereas hard work today paves an easier path for tomorrow. We have so much power (even over circumstances that aren’t our fault!), yet I see so much of the victim mentality and a preference for instant gratification (rather than waiting just a bit for something much better).

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      1. So true! Many of the things we can do for ourselves don’t necessarily take too much effort, we just need to be mindful to be able to choose I instead of just going with old habits. It’s actually better to start with the easier things, that way we build confidence to continue. I’m looking forward to reading the next part of your blog! 😀

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