2022: A Year In Review

For the last decade, I’ve developed the habit of setting a theme for the year. While tangible goals strong pillars, choosing a feeling or theme offers guide-rails and room for deviation. For 2022, the word I chose was CREATIVITY:

With improving health, increased energy, and a sense of satisfaction in my career, my intention for 2022 was to delve back into my creative life. I love creating and am thrilled at the newfound energy and time to dedicate to my pens, pans, and needles. My intention was to not only start projects, but to follow-through to completion and to connect with a community of fellow creatives–online or in-person–to share inspiration and encouragement. Creativity also involves thinking in new ways, so my aim was to use my talent and imagination to improve my work, my home, and my relationships is unique ways.

Well, life had other plans for me! In January, my health began to slide and we discovered increased mold levels post-remediation. By early-March, we we out of our home and confined to a small room in my in-law’s home. My pots and pans, sewing machine, and craft supplies are still at home, waiting for us to land somewhere for the long-term. My mother-in-law has zero tolerance for clutter, so there has been little opportunity for creativity. Quite honestly, my word of the year has not been at the forefront of my mind.

I had plans to sew outfits for myself and my sweet niece, as well as handcraft all gifts through the year–aprons, fanny packs, makeup cases, silk scrunchies, tote bags, etc.. During the first two months of the year, I worked feverishly but left behind a dozen half-finished projects. I planned and began a special gift for my partner’s 40th birthday, but it’s still sitting in pieces in a shoe box under the moldy bed frame.

At the end of the day, I showed up here and have written around 100 blog posts. There has been rambling, poetry, and perhaps a few poignant nuggets of wisdom. The final result, in my eyes, looks more like a spilled paint can than a work of art. But I can say that I was here, and that I tried. And that’s good enough for me.

Where else in my life might I have exercised creativity? We limited exotic cooking because my in-laws complain about the aromatic garlic and curry we topically enjoy. Frankly, we’ll limited many areas of our life to accommodate being unwelcome guests.

However, despite, not living up to my word for the year, I feel satisfied enough. I’m in good health. I have the greatest partner in the world. And it appears as if the HOA may cover the costs of remediation and restoration of our home, meaning we should be able to sell at market rate in the coming months and find a new home with a similar value. When all is said and done, we are nothing without our health. Next in importance is our loved ones. Once good health and relationships are order, I believe the next level is secure housing and a place to call one’s own.

I may have deviated from my plan a bit but I believe that in 2023, I will have all three–health, love, and a safe home. And, really, that is all that I need.

So, I’m staring down a block of marble, a chisel, and a purposeful chore. Rather than trepidation, I am filled with a sense of optimism as I look forward.

How about you? Did you set any goals or themes for 2022? What have you accomplished, and what are you most proud of? Are you setting any intentions for 2023? I would love to hear!

4 thoughts on “2022: A Year In Review

  1. You had me at the beginning…with the watermelon bicycle wheels! What fun! Thank you for your post — much to ponder and mull. I’m not big on resolutions, either — as you said, plans deviate out of necessity — but I like your idea of anchoring to a specific word/intention. I’ll need to noodle on that. Good stuff! 😉😉😉

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  2. I like the thought of setting an intention for the year. May I add to your creative list…creative problem-solving. You have come up against some big issues! From what I understand about mold, there has to be a source of moisture if it grows or comes back. If it isn’t an infiltration of water, sometimes poor its poor insulation or insufficient air flow that creates the conditions for mold to thrive. A dehumidifier in the basement often resolves a lot of issues too!


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