How Would You Spend Your Year-End Bonus?

My boss recently called and let me know that a year-end bonus would soon be hitting my account. It was a pleasant surprise. Although not substantial, it’s enough that I can tuck a portion into emergency savings and have a bit extra to allocate to discretionary spending. After retirement savings, medical expenses, and the essentials, we’re left with very little “fun money,” so the extra pocket money is exciting!

While I wouldn’t quite go as far as to say that it’s burning a hole in my pocket, I am so disciplined with money that it’s taken a shift in mindset to feel okay about spending $100-$300 on non-essentials. It’s been an interesting experiment to consider what it is that I would like.

When I started this job, I treated myself to a boar’s hair brush, linen sheets, and a new toilet (lol). Living in the lap of luxury, I know. My mind is so woefully practical that thinking up things I might splurge on is tricky!

I don’t wear makeup. I don’t care about clothing, handbags, or accessories. I don’t eat expensive cuts of meat or fancy cheeses. I don’t care for eating out because my home cooking is better. I don’t buy books anymore due to mold. Sewing stuff would be fun, but I already have enough stuff to keep me busy for the next decade. Specialty kitchenware would be great, but we have no home and no place to store things. So, I’m back to where I started: clueless!

But my partner is insistent. I earned it. Sigh. So, if I had to choose, I’ve narrowed it down to a few things.

  • Tofu Press – I cook with tofu, eggplant, and other veggies that must be pressed, sweated, etc. It’s a pain in the behind, so I wouldn’t mind having a little device to help out.
  • Three-Tier Fruit Basket – We eat a lot of fruits and veggies. My cheap two-tier fruit basket is too weak to hold anything more than a few shallots in the top basket, and it drives me mad having separate bowl of veggies next to the semi-functional fruit basket. This study (yet pricey) basket might ease the fruit basket rage.
  • Wüsthof Paring Knife – I cook a lot, so a good knife is integral. I have collected a few Wüsthof knives on discount over the years, but I’ve never seen the paring knife under $100. Maybe it’s time to pull the trigger.
  • Vuori Sweatpants – My boyfriend was gifted a pair of these last year. I often caress his leg just to feel the cozy softness of the sweatpants. He keep telling me to get my own. So, that is now an option.
  • Sewing Labels – I have dozens already and don’t need more. But I did the advent calendar in 2021 and it was fun, and the 2022 is on sale since advent is already underway. Hmm.
  • New Mattress Fund – My boyfriend is tall and his chiropractor advised him to get a longer mattress since sleeping in the banana posture is screwing up his back. So, a pricey California king or custom-sized mattress and its accompaniments are in our future.

Realistically, I’ll buy myself a fancy bar of chocolate and toss the rest into savings. What can I say? I’m far too practical for my own good, and there are too many unknowns right now.

I’m curious, though. For those of you who enjoy a little splurge here and there, what would you be most excited to spend a little extra cash on this holiday season? I need some ideas!

16 thoughts on “How Would You Spend Your Year-End Bonus?

  1. Was going to say, you can press tofu by wrapping it in clean paper and stacking books on it. Gets the juices flowing.

    If I got a big bonus, it’d go towards neutralising debt. I don’t count on the apocalypse, and when the likely inevitably of continuous decay rather than big Hollywood collapse, I don’t want to leave my son with my debts. Shylock always collects.


    1. Yes, my current method is sandwiching tofu between dish rags and stacking heavy books on top. It works well enough… I probably don’t need to gimmicky contraption haha.

      That is a great plan. I’m very fortunate to be in position of zero debt, but debt would be my first target if that weren’t the case. I admire that you’re thinking ahead to your son’s future. I know far too many “gotta live my life” big spenders who don’t consider the burden they may leave behind for their children, and it’s truly so sad.

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    1. Learning and creativity are noble endeavors. From my limited knowledge, vexilography combines the two, so there’s no for shame. Flags are interesting–it’s not just shapes and images, but visually conveying a meaning and message, whether of peace, strength, heritage, or otherwise. I suspect there is far more nuance than the average Joe would notice.

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      1. Yup. Good points. How many copies of Average Joe Murica know the Anglo-Saxon Roots of the U.S. Flag? Not many, nor less how many evolutions of Old Glory have been each with their own unique flavour? I think of Flags to breeds and lands as Coats of Arms are to families and clans.

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  2. I enjoyed perusing your list! I’m a fan of the Wusthof knives…and if you can snag a paring knife on sale…oohh…that’s a good tool! Although…I’ve also heard about the allure of Vuori sweatpants…what a nice gift for your boyfriend to receive…maybe you two should share his pair? LOL – oversized for you as they may be…
    I love that you’re being deliberate as you “browse” options and ideas in your head…but confess you know yourself, too. In the end, you’ll buy a yummy chocolate treat and put the rest into savings? I think that’s awesome – I’d probably do the same! 😉😉😉

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    1. I’m leaning towards the knife, though will probably keep an eye out for a sale at a later date. It’s worth $100, but I love a deal! 😂 You have my laughing so hard imagining myself stealing my boyfriend’s sweatpants and wearing them around the house!! No need for my own, after all!! 🤣🤣🤣

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  3. Nice gifts! I got a $10 gift card for my end of year bonus. I’m thinking a couple cups of coffee?! LOL! Happy Holidays to you and yours!


    1. I’ve certainly had those $10 gift card bonuses before. It may not be much, but enjoy a few cups of coffee on your employer! LOL! Happy Holidays to you and yours, as well! ❤️


      1. Lol! Thank you! I am choosing to try to see the good things, because I want to keep in a grateful state of mind.

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  4. OMG, I’m just the same: frugality is my middle name. And, anytime I may have “extra,” I can rarely think of anything I just must have. On that note however, I do like to have decent towels in the bathroom. Nothing fancy, but I feel like one can never have enough towels. The older ones get rotated for cleaning, etc. I hope you pick out a few items you really want! 🙂

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    1. I’m so happy to know I’m not alone! Decent towels is a good one. A few years ago, I upgraded to linen sheets and they changed my life… a bit pricey, but a practical luxury. Thank you! I’m still on the fence, but the money is ready when the right product at the right values shows up. 😉

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