Has Your Favorite Product Ever Been Discontinued?

Have you ever found a product that you absolutely love, only to discover that it is soon discontinued? Or worse, the brand no longer even exists?

Several years ago, I saw some down camping booties at REI and commented that they looked so cozy! I was dealing with endocrine dysregulation, so my feet were always cold. When my birthday rolled around, the overpriced house-slippers were mine. That Christmas, I bought pairs for everyone in my family. Camping booties for everyone!

For years, I wore them whenever I was home. It didn’t matter if it was 30 degrees or 100 degrees outside. My feet were always tucked into their traveling sleeping bags. On a daily basis, I reminded my boyfriend that they were the best gift ever.

Over the years, dozens of feathers have escaped. By last winter, my poofy moon boots had gone flat and my toes were cold. So, I winked as I informed my boyfriend that it may be time for a new pair. I don’t remember what he gifted me last year, other than the news that Cabiniste was no longer in business and my favorite down booties were no longer in production. It was a sad day.

I desperately searched online, so I could stock up before it was too late. I saw some used and deflated booties online for upwards of $100 dollars. I had just admitted defeat when I remembered that I had gifted some of the winter miracles to family members. Perhaps they would be willing to part with them.

It turned out that my mom didn’t trust the slippery soles, so had never ever tried them on. New booties, and in my size! Hooray!

Now that I have a shiny new pair, I plan to pick apart the wilting originals, so I can (hopefully) create a pattern, buy the materials, and ensure a lifetime supply of down cabin booties. But, if the owner of Cabiniste happens to be reading, please bring back the booties!!

What about you? Has a favorite product ever been discontinued? Did the local coffee shop stop carrying your holiday flavor? Did Little Debbie’s change the recipe of your favorite treat? Did your favorite brand stop carrying your go-to work pant style? Were you as devastated as I was to learn of the news?

10 thoughts on “Has Your Favorite Product Ever Been Discontinued?

  1. It’s such a disappointment when that happens. But I’m just impressed that you could make your own. I’m envisioning me trying – and seeing a massive flurry of feathers, all of which are OUTSIDE the down material. 🥹

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    1. Haha! That will probably be what my attempt will look like, as I’ve never made anything quite so complicated. I figure the last pair lasted me about 4 years, so I have another 4 years to fail until I figure it out. 😉

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  2. I agree with Kendra! Holy Cow! You’re going to deconstruct and then reconstruct your favorite slippers? You must be a magician! I giggled when I read the “Little Debbie” reference. Years ago my dad swore Hostess changed something in his blessed Ho-Ho’s…they tasted, to him, “less fresh” which prompted a deep dive into the reality that Hostess products will likely survive an apocalypse. Who’s to say what’s ‘fresh’ — but still a funny family anecdote. Thanks for the smile this morning! 😉

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    1. Yes, I mentioned that specifically because I’ve heard theories and complaints about Hostess changing their recipe and, as someone who wasn’t allowed sweets as a child and never developed a taste, I’m amused at how enraged some people are over the recipe change. Too funny!

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  3. These boots look fun! As someone who also often has cold feet, I can appreciate warm slippers (I’ve resorted to living in the warmer climate and putting on nice thick socks on, but if I ever move… I might have to contact you for a custom pair of those!)

    Of course, I cannot recall anything like that off the top of my head, but I know there have been many of those in my life – SO frustrating!


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