30-Day Challenges

I set a goal for myself to post one blog post per day for thirty days in a row. Well, Monday was day thirty. It has been fun, but I am now burned out and need to slow down. My partner and I had both has symptom flare-ups, so I think we were re-exposed to mold at a friend’s home. It’s “busy season” for my department and I feel like I’m drowning in nerdy projects. And I need to hustle to finish off 200 pages for my book club in the next week or so. Time is the rarest of resources, and I may need to reallocate mine slightly.

I have truly enjoyed the consistency, thought, so I may aim for a schedule of two or three posts per week, as I’ve enjoyed the consistency.

I think I’m going to revisit my old habit of these 30-day challenges. What will be next?

I’m thinking of committing to reading 50 pages of a book per day. I love reading and have fallen out of the habit over the last several years, and would love to pick it up again.

I’m also toying with the idea of following a fitness challenge–a daily set of planks, pushups, burpees, weightlifting, or a full routine. I am not sure my body is ready to be pushed that hard yet, through, and I don’t want to risk relapsing into severe illness territory.

What else? Give a compliment at least once per day. Don’t complain. Write in a journal. Brainstorm side projects that could generate income. We’ll see!

If you were to start a 30-day, what daily habit would you practice?

5 thoughts on “30-Day Challenges

  1. Supporting you from afar – no matter what you settle on for your next challenge! I’ve enjoyed your daily posts but frequency won’t matter. Share when you’re able…and enjoy what comes next. I love your thoughts about ‘compliment once/day’ and ‘don’t complain’. Great suggestions. Take care! ❤

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  2. I’m in the same boat – and have only posted every day for a week. 😳 I’m maxed out, time-wise, so am reevaluating/cutting back. I’ll look forward to seeing your posts when they come through though. Like Vicki, I like your compliment idea, and also the one about reading. One has to refuel anyway in order to keep the creative juices flowing, right? 😃

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    1. Yes, refueling is important. It’s also a bit fun to challenge ourselves too… it’s somewhat tricky to come up with a new topic each day for a set period of time, but it provides an opportunity to flex the brain. 😃

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  3. Ah! That’s why I’ve seen so many posts from you lately.
    In January, I did this challenge where I posted as often as I could. Doing the same this month. It’s quite an experience. While I definitely could not keep it up even for 30 days straight, I, too, enjoy the consistency. I think 2 posts a week is my sweet spot, with an occasional 3rd.
    The reason why I might do something like a 30-day challenge is to help establish a routine. Usually, it’s writing, reading, gym, walking, jigsaw puzzle, and more. It happens after a break, once I reach a point of NEEDING those things back.

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    1. Yes, I completely agree about the 30-day challenge being great for helping establish (or reestablish a routine). I think 2 posts per week is a good amount–it allows some time to think and edit, but it’s frequent enough to keep the creative juices flowing.

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