A Lifestyle Diet

Many people pay attention to the foods they eat, limiting calories, carbohydrates, sugars, or fat. But your diets isn’t just what you eat. It’s everything you choose to consume.

  • The things you watch – Netflix, news, pornography
  • The things you read – books, newsletters, opinion pieces
  • The people around you – family, friends, social media timelines
  • The advertisements you’re exposed to – online, on television, out in the world
  • The things you listen to – educational lectures, podcasts, music

Time and attention are our most limited resources. Be mindful of all you inputs. Curate them to work for you. Identify what your priorities are and focus your hours and awareness in that particular direction. What you choose to consume becomes your reality. Be careful what you let into your mind. Be mindful of the habits you create.

Over the years, I’ve carefully trimmed off the activities that do not positively contribute to my life, filling that time instead with additive habits. So, where to begin?

I would suggest most people should start by trying to avoid or minimize the following:

  • Junk food
  • Alcohol
  • Politics
  • News
  • Toxic people
  • Porn
  • Mindless scrolling online
  • Arguments that go nowhere
  • Overspending

In place of those, people may consider adding some contributive habits and behaviors, such as:

  • More water
  • More vegetables
  • More protein
  • Physical activity
  • Better sleep (quality and quantity)
  • Reading a good book
  • Engaging in deep conversations
  • Exercising independent, critical thinking

What do you consume on a daily or weekly basis? Take a moment to consider whether those behaviors are moving your towards or away from what you want in life. Can you delay a temporary dopamine hit today for a better life tomorrow?

One of the biggest differences between success and failure is dropping the habits that no longer serve you. Removing and simplifying is how you level up. You have to let go to grow.

Is binge-watching Netflix going to help you advance your career or meet a suitable partner? Is arguing about politics going to improve your neighborhood or you life? Is that fast diet of fast food able to build a strong, healthy body?

What do you want in life, and what steps can you take daily to get there? It doesn’t need to be complicated. You just need to be consistent.

4 thoughts on “A Lifestyle Diet

  1. Loving this…especially: “Be mindful of all you inputs. Curate them to work for you.” Terrific post – and great combo reminder about avoiding toxic people and dead-end conversations. xo and take care! ❤

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  2. This entire post is so good! I loved seeing news and toxic people listed, because I think it’s particularly easy to fall prey to them without realizing they affect us as much as the others. Thank you for a great post!


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