Web Miscellany: Compilation #104

Hello, there! How are you? I’m doing well, myself.

This weekend, we sent a friend in a P-100 mask to retrieve some things from our home–a bag of threadbare Darn Tough socks to send back on warranty, as well as my suspension training system weightlifting gear (now that my cellular respiration pathway is back up and running).

I just finished watching a Scottish sitcom, Still Game, about grouchy old pensioners, and it’s quite funny. It’s wholesome, endearing, hilarious, and a great feel-good series. I would highly recommend it, though you’ll definitely want closed captions if you’re not familiar with the Scottish accent.

In you’re in the US, happy Labor Day! Hope your week to come is a good one!

Enjoying a rainy sunset from the porch

Food for thought

“When troubles of any kind come your way, consider it an opportunity for great joy! Know when your faith is tested, your endurance has a chance to grow!”

James 1:2-3

I was brought up Catholic, though no longer practicing. However, after decades of Catholic school, weekly mass, and daily prayer habits, I’m still familiar with many passages from the Bible which, I believe, can guide anyone. As I climb my way out from eight years of chronic illness (and a corresponding period of stubborn unwillingness to be sick), I’m realizing more and more how much that the testing of my spirit truly was an opportunity to foster endurance. Eight years ago, I was a pushover and doormat; I now prioritize putting on my oxygen mask before helping others. Eight years ago, I was sleeping under four hours a night to accommodate work (plus a long commute), classes, blogging, creative writing competitions, cooking, and a fitness regimen; today, I respect that I need nine hours of sleep and build my schedule around that need. I don’t need to accomplish everything; all I need is basic necessities, good health, and close relationships.

If you have any troubles in your life, consider a re-frame. If you were criticized, Twist what they said to you into a compliment. Struggling financially? Maybe this is an invitation to visit a personal finance blog or visit the library to learn. If you’re ill, consider it an opportunity to listen to your body and assess its needed. Lost a love one? Take the opportunity to jot down all of you special memories and allow yourself to feel that light ray of joy, if only for a moment. Hard times make for strong men (and women).

Something actionable

Life isn’t fair. But that’s what makes is fun. Here’s a tip to accelerate your mental performance above the lethargic masses. Start a challenge. Stop making life more tedious than it needs to be by follow the rules exactly. Creating regular challenge for yourself will help you level up in all areas. Set yourself a 30-day challenge to blog daily (I’m currently 23 days into mine) or not eat sugar, for example. Now it’s a game, rather than a chore. And the sense of accomplishment at the end is incredible.

Just for fun

As a child, I was enthralled by the legends of King Arthur. Evidence continues to emerge supporting and refuting the existence of the brave king, from cryptic texts referencing “Artognou” to carbon-dated pottery suggesting a flourishing stronghold during his supposed lifetime. Over time, the narrative spreading far and wide, ever-evolving to fit the current sociopolitical environment. The stories all weave together fantasy with fact, or at least a small kernel of reality. I’ve read two interesting articles on King Arthur recently–Was King Arthur a Real Person? from Smithsonian and King Arthur in Brittany from Bonjour From Brittany. We will likely never know whether a historical King Arthur actually existed, but his legend shows no signs of diminishing.

By the way, if you enjoy lessons in history and culture, I would highly recommend subscribing to The Cultural Tutor newsletter. Each week, the author, Sheehan Quirke, gives overview and background on a piece of classical music, a historical figure, a painting, and architectural masterpiece, rhetoric, writing, an historical anecdote or recipe, and a critical thinking question to which readers can reply. From the author: “My dream is for people to learn about the Greeks and Romans, about Gothic architecture and Baroque music. My dream is for people to think critically, speak persuasively, and write elegantly. My mission is a beautiful education.” Once again, I highly recommend if this type of thing appeals to you!

10 thoughts on “Web Miscellany: Compilation #104

  1. I think real is subjective. But believe all mythological and legendary figures are real, in that their baseses run backwards in time toward an agreement of probably forgotten historical merit. Arthur if not real in his own rite and right is based on something that was, and I don’t necessarily see why truths can’t be inclusive.

    That said, my labour day is well enough. I helped my parents with a yard sale they’ve been putting off for years and and have today to my own designs. So I’ll go sell records in a low-key attempt to fatten my wallet (I sell all my obsoletestuff if I can, rather than send it to crooked thrifts like Goodwill), and to see if the new Corus Corax CD is at Bullmoose.


    1. I agree with your take on mythological and legendary figures. Similar to fables and fairy tales, the importance is the lessons being taught and inspiration to adopt admirable traits. A believe most, if not all, was inspired by at least some small kernel of reality and then expanded and adapted to match audience.

      It sounds like a nice weekend. Goodwill is awful; anything we can’t sell gets donated to a local hospice. My partner has a ton of old collectibles we’ve been meaning to get rid of, so I think is my sign to get to it. He has a Sandman manuscript signed by Neil Gaiman and supposedly there is a now a woke Sandman TV series, so maybe this is the time.

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  2. I love your idea on reframing! It’s all in how we look at things, but that can be easy to forget. Very timely reminder for me. Thank you!

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