A Useful Frame For Choosing A Career

For decades now, I’ve been considering what I want to be when I grow up. After a few years of floundering post-graduation, I developed a skill, worked hard, and found success in a particular niche. I have a job that I didn’t know existed ten years ago, in an industry that had never crossed my mind. I’ve found happenstance happiness, I suppose, largely due to the desperation-fueled flexibility that comes with graduating into a recession. But, I digress.

Anyways, I recently came across a set of questions from author James Clear, which have reignited my curiosity about what my ideal job might look like.

  1. What career would you realistically pursue if you wanted the most money?
  2. What career would you realistically pursue if you wanted the biggest impact?
  3. What career would you realistically pursue if you wanted to have the most fun?
  4. What career offers the best mix?

For those just beginning their career journey or who are ready for a change, these questions can serve as a useful frame or launchpad. They provides the chance to examine the topic of career satisfaction from multiple angles, systematically considering the most relevant areas.

Personally, I have no intention of switching careers. I’ve developed a unique skill set, achieved a comfortable pay grade, found a great employer, and proven myself valuable in uncertain times. Not to mention I enjoy my work. It would be foolish to throw caution to the wind and pursue something entirely new on a whim.

However, if I could jump ship with no repercussions, I would either pursue nutritional biochemistry or mechanical engineering for medical equipment. Science is fascinating and has the capacity to do so much good.

What about you? In terms of money, meaning, and enjoyment, what would be your ideal career?

3 thoughts on “A Useful Frame For Choosing A Career

  1. Given what I’ve learned about you from your posts, I can ***see*** the other paths you mentioned as pockets of expertise and passion. Me? I feel blessed – I tripped into the helping professions long ago and it continues to be my sweet spot, including the role of career counselor. The questions you posed in your post are right-on. 😉

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