Why Universal Basic Income Can’t Work

The government can only give what it first takes.

Universal Basic Income (UBI) may begin as supplemental income. However, the increase in the money supply will lead to inflation and, in turn, an increased cost in good. Recipients will demand an increase in UBI to account for the difference.

While UBI may begin as a small portion of an individual’s income, as the percentage grows the individual sacrifices their remaining power and voice to the entity issuing their checks. If 50% of your income comes from UBI, saying or doing anything that goes against the issuing body (i.e., the government) may cost you everything. You are effectively controlled, ready to be coerced, silenced, and manipulated just to keep a roof over your head and food on the table.

We’re perfectly emulating the fall of Rome and most don’t see it. This is not a bipartisan issue. Those who are dancing in the streets today over stimulus checks and student loan forgiveness will not recognize the direness of the situation until the boomerangs swings back around and knocks us all over.

When Romans abandoned self-responsibility and self-reliance, voted for welfare benefits, and used the government to rob Peter to pay Paul, their fate was sealed.

Universal Basic Income is not answer because it gives away our self-responsibility and self-reliance.

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