Turning Over A New Leaf

Almost eight years ago, I developed a fungal lung infection which progressed to include bacterial pneumonia. I had been a fit and healthy overachiever with a burgeoning career. Overnight, that changed. That infection decimated my body, and I’ve spent almost eight years trying to repair the damage.

I’ve research and tried every diet and supplement. I’ve tried different forms of meditation and exercise. I practiced sleep hygiene and stress reduction techniques. I’ve subjected myself to hundreds of labs and torturous studies. (Here’s a big middle finger to the tilt table with sublingual nitroglycerin and cardiopulmonary exercise bike tests!) I’ve spent thousands of dollars to see specialists that don’t accept insurance. It’s been a nightmare. Yet, in 2019–halfway through my journey through hell–I experienced two weeks of feeling good. I knew then that my body was capable of wellness. So, I doubled down.

Here I am, a few years later, feeling the best I have in years. While my body isn’t yet ready to return to weight-lifting, running, or steep hikes, I now have the wisdom to accept that. I no longer take my health for granted. I sleep, I eat clean, I prioritize my well-being. I have developed the utmost respect for the biochemical machine that is my body. I love my body–lumps, bruises, brain farts, and all!

I have physical energy, mental clarity, and spiritual fortitude. I can’t help but view each breath as a gift. For the first time in a long time, I am excited for the future. The question now is, where to begin?

There are so many loose ends that came unraveled when I became sick. Some hopes and dreams have fallen by the wayside while others have lain dormant. Yet other plans have begun to sprout in their place. The possibilities seem endless, and there is no pressure to be, do, or achieve anything in particular. After years of struggling to survive, anything above and beyond that feels like a win. So, where to begin?

We’re out of our home, likely until pigs fly. That leave me with a computer. So, blogging. Where to being? Right here, it would seem. I am filled with energy, hope, curiosity, ideas, and a craving for thoughtful discussion. My brain has gone from zero to sixty. I’m spilling over with nearly a decade of un-thought ideas and am getting major “chaotic good” vibes. What better place to exercise and explore my newfound wellness than in this cozy little corner of the internet?

Welcome! I’m so happy you’re here!

4 thoughts on “Turning Over A New Leaf

  1. All the best to you and know that I’m sending positive energy your way — I love your mention of “chaotic” good vibes. I totally get that. Thanks for sharing and here’s to nothing but good stuff ahead for you. 😊


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