What Is Your Most Unpopular Opinion?

I would consider myself to be one of the most laid back people I know. You decide what’s for dinner. You pick the next show. You take a break and let me handle that. However, there are select few areas where I’ve developed some strong opinions.

  1. I think the fall season is infinitely better than the spring or summer. Maybe this stems from growing up in Satan’s basement, otherwise known as Phoenix.
  2. A career doesn’t require passion. Each job should utilize and grow your skills, so you can eventually leverage those skills to do what you love. I don’t know anyone who enjoyed their first few jobs–it takes time, experience, and failures to find your path.
  3. Coffee smells a million times better than it tastes. Not only does it give me the jitters, but the taste is just not particularly pleasant. I’ll take tea over coffee any day.
  4. I find adults who are obsessed with Disney and Disneyland a bit disturbing, especially when they don’t have kids. One acquaintance dressed up as several Disney princesses for her wedding, and another would beg for grocery money upon her return from her quarterly Disneyland trip. I haven’t watched Disney since I was around 10, and have zero interest. I don’t get it.
  5. You don’t really care about freedom if you don’t assiduously defend the freedom of those you oppose. I’m libertarian-minded. Live and let live. I will just as passionately defend your constitutional rights as my own. Whether you’re pro-life or pro-choice, your voice should be heard. Whether your open carry took down a mass shooter or you lost your child in a school shooting, you have the right to influence policy. Gender de-transitioners are currently being bashed and banned on social media by pro-trans groups. Certain political figures are being censored and shut down, while others amplified. There’s an imbalance. The world needs more truth and transparency, and everyone deserves equal access to share their message.

What unpopular opinions do you hold? Have you ever gotten into a major argument over a silly opinion?

6 thoughts on “What Is Your Most Unpopular Opinion?

  1. Has anybody not ever gotten into it over something dumb? I’m not sure which of my unpopular opinions is least popular. It depends on where I go or talk to. Probably my opinion that you can have controversial thoughts without automatically being paranoid and defensive, or getting sucked into pitched arguments. When you’re right, time is on your side and will help you with most of your arguments. Say your peace, then live and let live.

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      1. Look at the shape of the Earth. Folk have fought over that since when. Still do. Makes no difference to anybody’s everyday life. ‘Course obfuscation is encouraged because it discourages discourse eschewed by “polite” society, y’know, religion, morals & politics. The kind of thing (most) nobody wants to talk about unless they’re winning.

        I’m really not as much of a Debbie Downer or a Negative Nancy as this comment makes me seem. I don’t begrudge people much. But i do wish more people had actual convictions and not mental marriages of convenience.


      2. I completely agree. Far too many have strong and vocal opinions on inconsequential topics. While the plebs are arguing over pronouns, whether Aunt Jemima is racist, and if grass lawns are destroying the plant, they are ignoring the disappearance of the middle class, the aging and unstable infrastructure, and the wrongdoings of the politician at the expense of their citizens… things that may actual matter longer-term.

        Unfortunately, the loudest tend to be the most close-minded. I used to bring up the Younger Dryas period but, without missing a beat, I’m labeled a “climate denier”. Give me the evidence and prove me wrong–I’m completely open to have my mind changed with a solid argument, but the “mental marriages of convenience” pushed out by the media don’t often come with evidence, do they?

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