My Choice, My Responsibility

I’m a very laid-back person. Most people who know me my entire life have never seen me angry. But lately, there’s a trend happening in society that starting to get under my skin.

The same people who say “my body, my choice” shortly thereafter bring up student loan forgiveness. What I hear is: “my debt, my choice… your problem”.

I’m a proponent of freedom, for myself and for you. I’m supportive of others doing whatever they like, so long as no one get hurts. But I don’t want to be held liable for someone else’s poor choices.

There are consequences to spending on credit, having unprotected sex, and starting each day with a dozen donuts. Likewise, there are consequences to savings for retirement, having a child within a committed relationship, and eating a healthy and balanced diet. Across the Western world, we have the freedom to make these choices. That freedom is a gift, regardless of which side of the aisle you fall on.

I’ve been trying to understand why this particular issue is irking me so. I think I’ve figured it out.

Accountability is no longer a virtue in the West. Many individual are blind to the consequences of their own actions. People refuse to take responsibility for their choices and, instead, point the finger at other entities.

Society encourages individuals to cry victim, so they do. Even in situations where it would not be difficult to answer for one’s conduct and obligations.

College is overpriced and student loans are predatory, it’s true. But we need to take responsibility for our choices.

The media is rife with pornographic material, while pushing promiscuity and deviant behavior, it’s true. But we need to take responsibility for our choices.

Sugar tastes better than broccoli and Netflix is more fun that a workout after a long day, it’s true. But we need to take responsibility for our choices.

It takes hard work and time to acquire the skills and work ethics necessary to add value to your organization and receive a promotion, it’s true. But we need to take responsibility for our choices.

It is easy to point the finger and blame someone else. You can blame your parents for your poor financial habits. You can blame the Supreme Court for changing your access to abortion. You can blame your boss for not giving you the raise you wanted. You can blame genetics for the shape of your body. You can blame anyone and everyone but, ultimately, that will change nothing. Does it feel unfair? It sure does! But life isn’t always fair.

Each of us need to take responsibility for our actions and the resulting outcomes. They aren’t always pleasant or desirable. However, it’s far more empowering to take control of the situation and either make the best of it or find a way to change the outcome in the future. You have the freedom of choice, now take back your power of responsibility.

6 thoughts on “My Choice, My Responsibility

    1. You’re absolutely right. I don’t think I mentioned it here, but I had an acquaintance that made a series of poor decisions that led to sepsis and a $1 MM+ hospital bill without health insurance. Somehow, his debt was forgiven and was put on government healthcare–he was very fortunate. For the year following, he *bragged* about much the government was paying for his ongoing medical issues. What I heard was, “Your taxes are paying for my reckless habits, sucker!” And I’m sure he’s not the only one taking advantage of a system meant to serve as a safety net for those truly in need.

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      1. Indeed. While I understand that bad things can happen to good people, at least be meek about it and grateful. I’d probably tell no one because I would be embarrassed to put my burden on others and to highlight how unfair life can be. Especially for those who struggle every day but live life in a moral way.


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