Crossing My Fingers

On Wednesday evening, I developed a tickle in the back of my throat. Uh oh. Thursday, I felt tired and took the day off to rest. Thursday afternoon, I developed mild head congestion. By Friday morning, I felt great! My boyfriend experienced the same mild symptoms, though his lasted a few days long.

Conservative estimates suggest that 1 of every 35 Phoenix residents currently has an active SARS-CoV-2 infection. That’s nearly 3% and, with the high transmissiblity, a near-guarantee of infection at any outing. I am secretly hoping I am one of them.

My partner spent most December of 2020 hospitalized with blood clots in his lungs. I have a finicky immune system, a history of severe respiratory infections, and have experienced multiple allergic reactions to polyethylene glycol in both pharmaceutical and consumer products. Quite frankly, I’ve been consumed with fear. Fear of a bio-engineered virus and fear of a hastily-developed response. I don’t think I realized the depth of my worry until I recognized the relief if possibly having experienced the mildest illness of my life, perfectly consistent with the virus running rampant.

After two two years of fretting and isolation, to walk away from a single day of light fatigue with antibodies would be a godsend. A positive test would mean I can visit my parents, my grandparents, and friends. I could go back to Meetup groups, the farmer’s market, and Costco. I can go back to my favorite Indian restaurant and an upcoming outdoor theater production.

Yesterday, a soft-spoken woman gave me indecipherable instructions through a pharmacy speaker box. I placed my snot swab in the drop box 36 hours ago, and have been anxiously checking my email hourly since. Local labs are currently processing over 230,000 test per day, so I know I need to wait my turn. Maybe tomorrow, or the next day.

The thing is, we hunkered down before things went vertical. We haven’t seen family or friends in months. Neither my partner nor I has been to an office building, grocery store, or even outdoor market in several weeks. To have picked up a virus on our evening walk through the park or while dropping a letter in a drive-up mailbox would almost require a miracle. And that’s precisely what I’m hoping for: a mild case, a robust immune response, and antibodies to defend against future exposures. Fingers crossed!

8 thoughts on “Crossing My Fingers

    1. We anticipated the surge, so we loaded up on groceries early and have been laying low, yet got sick all the same. It really is strange, and I know a few other people who have also gotten sick without having interacted with anyone recently…

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    1. My partner and I both tested negative, unfortunately. Though, because he was so sick in 2020, we’re on all kinds of prophylactics and gargling with diluted iodine to drop any viral load.. it feels over-the-top, but I guess it’s working? Now, my hope is that I had it, but the viral load was too load to be captured on the PCR test because we were killing the virus with iodine. I am totally grasping at straws now!! But still might try for an antibody test… 😂😂

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      1. I guess good in a way still lol.. Haha I have a stinking suspicion I had it too a while back.. Would be good to know… Wonder what the rate of reinfection is or if it’s not as bad with reinfection??


      2. I’m really curious, as well! My boyfriend has read all the studies and, from what he has gathered, natural immunity offers the best protection, but these newer variants can still sneak through… through supposedly with less severe immune response.

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