Fellow Americans, You Should Know About the Smith-Mundt Act

A year ago, I saw the video Kenosha protests footage but I didn’t form an opinion. I have watched the entire Kyle Rittenhouse trial, and I’m appalled at the media’s mischaracterization of events.

Much to my surprise, each of the prosecution’s witnesses has corroborated the self-defense argument, including the media’s “lone survivor,” Gaige Grosskreutz. The judge’s “Asian food” comment was a joke–he was hungry and hoped that the food would arrive quickly (i.e., not stuck in the ports with goods coming from overseas). The prosecution was allowed to show their evidence, including that which the media claims was blocked, but was not allowed to “pinch and zoom” on the iPad because their own expert could not could explain which color of pixels would be interpolated into the zoomed-in image. The judge got upset at the prosecution, not because he is a “white supremacist,” but because the prosecution criticized Rittenhouse for exercising his constitutional right to post-arrest silence, and this shortly after introducing a photo that the judge had previously ruled irrelevant to the case and arguing extensively over the issue. The entire trial, as well as short clips, are readily available.

The media is misleading to you. Whether you lean left or right, you can’t trust your news sources. Let me tell you why.

Propaganda in America

In 2012, Congress passed that Smith-Mundt Modernization Act as part of a larger piece of legislature, repealing the Smith-Mundt Act of 1948. In doing so, Congress repealed the ban of propaganda on American soil and allowed for the spread of government-manufactured news to the American people.

Propaganda is defined by the Merriam-Webster dictionary as: ideas or statements that are often false or exaggerated and that are spread in order to help a cause, a political leader, a government, etc.

My fellow Americans, our government is legally permitted to lie to and mislead us, and to do so via commercial media sources, such as CNN and Fox News. They can insert their messaging into reality TV, children’s programs, video games, and social media advertising. If we allow ourselves, we will be continually bombarded with fake, slated, or ill-intended content.

Perhaps the repeal of the propaganda ban was innocent or well-intended, but I believe it opens the door for misuse and abuse, and you deserve to be aware of that possibility.

Here is the H.R.5736 – Smith-Mundt Modernization Act of 2012 in full:

I’ve said it before: I don’t like to talk politics. However, given the harsh difference between the dozens of hours of testimony I’ve watched and the mainstream portrayal of the Kyle Rittenhouse trial, I can’t sit back on this one. Whether the misleading headlines are malicious propaganda or individual bias, they are intentionally misleading. I have never observed it so blatantly, and it makes me call into question all of the topics I’ve formed opinions on without doing my due diligence.

So, fellow Americans, this is a friendly notice that your government is allowed to spread propaganda amongst its people. Whether they take advantage of that opportunity is up for debate, but be wary. Pay attention. Watch original footage and draw your own conclusions. Use unbiased search engines, such as DuckDuckGo, rather than Google. Sample both sides, and give higher credibility to stories that are consistent across multiple angles. Take all media you consume with a generous grain of salt. Practice critical thinking. Notice if stories don’t add up, and consider that there may be a reasonable explanation.

18 thoughts on “Fellow Americans, You Should Know About the Smith-Mundt Act

  1. I agree that we should all be discerning in what we take in and believe. Television news is currently focused on manipulating people’s emotions rather than reporting facts. Different networks peddle different emotions. None of them appear unbiased.

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    1. I completely agree. I try not to follow the news too closely, simply because it’s often bed news. However, when I do want to get a pulse on the world, lately I often turn to independent journalists. They may not have the same resources as CNN and Fox, but they also don’t have the same incentives to lie.

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    1. You, are absolutely right. “It’s a big club, and you ain’t in it.” For the first few decades of my life, it was subtle. The blatancy of the lies have reached a point where I am dumbfounded that the entire country hasn’t revolted.

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  2. Hi, firstly many thanks for following my “new” blog, I’ve been blogging for about 8 years now and the old one had become bloated and unwieldy. Secondly I really enjoyed reading this post, I had followed the Rittenhouse trial from here in the U.K., and along with many others could see that our own media were making massive assumptions and leading us to believe unknown or unproven issues. The change if your laws is an undermining of democracy. Our own media is subtly leading the narrative concerning BLM, climate change and gender, they think we are blind and stupid! I would very much like to reblog your post, but I need you to activate the Reblog button in your settings if that’s ok? Following you back in 3,2,1, ……. 👍🙏🙏

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    1. Thank for your comment, Dr B. Cheers to the blank slate! I migrated here from my old blog a few years ago, so I completely understand. It’s true–they think we’re blind, stupid, and unable to see the stories change and disappear. I truly hope more people start waking up to what’s going on and speaking up. The Reblog button should now be activated. 👍


  3. Thank you so much for sharing this info! It totally makes sense, and it answers some glaring questions I had about the propaganda machine that is essentially the media. Journalism used to have high standards, that prized—and demanded—integrity, honesty, and objectivity. They reported the facts to the best of their knowledge and kept “both sides” in check, acting pretty much like watchdogs.

    Not anymore. This’s very obvious in the Rittenhouse trial as well as the coverage of the pandemic from the start, and *especially* regarding the injections that have followed. The sheer danger they present and monumental damage they have done has been completely swept under the rug, almost like a gag order or topic blackout. BitChute has a much more realistic picture. Yandex is a good search engine. The mainstream simply can’t be trusted.

    Thank you again!! 👏👏🙌🙌💝😎

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    1. I’m so happy to find others who can see through the mainstream media. They really can’t be trusted in the modern era. Goodness, our sitting president even ran his campaign on calling Rittenhouse a white supremacist and stating (falsely) that Trump told people to drink bleach, with no repercussions. And you’re absolutely correct that they’re creating danger: they’re getting people riled up enough to riot, stating now that heart attacks in children are actually quite comment (which I had never heard of until a month ago), and painting an us vs. them mentality to divide everyone. It breaks my heart. Yes, open source media platforms are great! I use BitChute, DuckDuckGo, and ProtonMail for secure email.

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting! It’s great to know I’m not alone.

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      1. Amen, my friend! You’re more not-alone than you may feel but the truth is you have plenty of company! We’re onto them and their bullshizz. We see through the double-speak and the lies. We sense the manipulation and resent the control, power plays, and mind games. We will not be brainwashed. We will not cave in. I use what you do 😁 – except Duck Duck Go. I used them for years but found that their results drifted such that they became almost identical to Google’s, which we know are heavily censored. Then I found out that DDG had given over to the dark side, funding some of our enemies but I forget which ones. So now I use a combo of Qwant and Yandex – they really get me where I want to go 😁👍. Odysee is another decent YT alternative, similar to BitChute. I dig both 🙌. Agreed, so refreshing to chat with like minds! And, I’ll be at the Greater Reset here in Texas US at the end of January 👍🌈

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      2. Just read your reply here and appreciate your mentioning DDG alternatives Qwant and Yandex ….. hope they work in the U.K. And, don’t trust the BBC either!

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      3. It feels great knowing I’m in good company! During the pandemic, the lies and manipulation have become so transparent that I’m seriously questioning the critical thinking skills of Americans, and people across the globe. Stand strong!! Good to know about DuckDuckGo–I stopped using StartPage when it was compromised, but didn’t know about DDG. I will definitely check out Qwant Yandex! I was watching the Rittenhouse trial when YouTube shut down all independent journalists reporting on it, and we were redirected to Odysee. It was overloaded, so I didn’t actually get to check it out 😂 so thanks for the reminder! Have a great time at the Greater Reset! It’s awesome that like-minded people are gathering. Phoenix just hosted AmericaFest conference and it looked amazing, and there were supposedly lots of young people…which gives me hope for the future of our country. 👍🌈

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      4. Yes! Oh my I have no idea how so many just buy into the narrative, with as utterly asinine and irrational as it is. Gah! But yeah what they’re *not* telling us (and would rather we not believe) is just how sane we are and just how alone we are *not* in our thoughts. Odysee is pretty cool 😁. That Phoenix event sounds awesome! I’ll let you know how the Greater Reset goes. God(dess) knows we need hope 😁🍀🙏🌈

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