Moths In The Kitchen

I woke up way too early this morning to the sound of booming thunder. It’s almost five and I’m still awake.

Currently, the kitchen is filled with moths, as if I’m a character exploring great grandma’s long-forgotten home or seeking shelter from a serial killer in the middle of a desolate forest. Moths…

Why are there moths? Well, mold remediation began two weeks ago. The mold is gone. (Yay!) But so are the cabinets, the drywall, and the termite-ridden support beams. (Boo!) If you have ever worked with contractors, you know that they can start right away…but the finish date is a moving target.

Due to poor workmanship, there is also 24″ x 2″ sliver opening between the kitchen and the outside. It’s cold and it’s wet out there, and the moths that went looking for shelter under a tiny, low-set awning fluttered right into Narnia. And they are now having the time of their life circling the mirrored light fixture in the kitchen.

And so here I am, at five in the morning, thinking about frantically swirling moths and the sound of rain through the crack in the kitchen wall, rather than sleeping. And now there are moths in the bathtub and ramming their little bodies into my computer monitor, desperately seeking to enter then next level of this psychedelic, drip-free universe.

There is probbaly a powerful metaphor here for the human tendency towards similar behaviors to the moths, but I’m tired, so for now it’s just the moths.

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