Word Of The Year: Mid-Year Update

For the last decade, I’ve developed the habit of setting a theme for the year. While the tangible goals are great, choosing a feeling or theme offers guide rails and room to deviate. For 2021, the word I chose was CLARITY:

“I have decided that my intention for 2021 is CLARITY. For several years now, I have feel lost, ill, and devoid of anything resembling energy or enthusiasm. Now that my emotional larder has been restocked and my health has risen to a sustainable baseline, my next goal is to assess where I am presently, determine where I would like to be, and to discern what the path to that desired future may look like. I hope for an open mind, a clear vision, and a willingness to explore all available options. What is my next step? What action can I take to reintroduce a sense of purpose into my life? How can I bring more joy into each day? I hope that each day will be filled with smart questions and deep answers.”

We’re a little more than halfway through the year, and I feel confident that I’m on the right path.

In the realm of health, I have been working with a new physician that immediately suspected biotoxin illness. A battery of tests–blood workups, NeuroQuant brain MRI, visual contrast testing, genotyping, and environmental mold testing–all provide strong evidence that my boyfriend and I both have biotoxin illness. All of the seemingly random symptoms we have both experienced over the last several years can be traced back to living in a water-damaged building. The mold remediation team came out this week and what we thought was a leak from the garbage disposal was revealed to be a significant roof leak; the space between the exterior wall and drywall of the kitchen was filled with mold. Mold was discovered is three additional locations in the home where we had noted a musty smell. Clarity. We finally have an answer. Soon to follow, if all goes well, will be treatment and recovery.

In the realm of career, a colleague recently put in her notice and it made me consider whether I might be ready for a change. My current employer is a small and rapidly growing, with no clear career ladder for my position. I enjoy the people and the vision of the company, but the work is tedious, I’m paid well-below market average, and I may be nearing readiness for a change. It’s a hot market, so now would be a good time. In thinking about it a bit, I realized that with my extensive experience working in quality assurance, along with several years in the biotechnology field, I could easily transition into a role supporting areas of science that I’m particularly interested in, such as longevity medicine. I am in a position to leverage skills I’ve acquired in support of a project I care about. Clarity. For the first time since graduating college, I feel confident and excited about the direction I can take my career.

Less profound, but equally relevant, I’ve continued to delve into and find pleasure in sewing, cooking, and other creative endeavors; it’s clear as ever that those creative hobbies are rejuvenating for me. I’m happy with my few, but strong friendships I’m happier working from home than I ever was in an office. I have developed strict, health-conscious nutrition habits by necessity and I feel confident that carrying those forward with allow for optimal health. After years of dismissal, I finally researched Bitcoin and feel confident that it will play a part in our financial future.

Clarity. Clarity. Clarity.

It was the right theme to guide my life this year, and I have a good feeling that it will continue to do so in the coming months.

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  1. Great word. I think we all need some of that right now… Where is this world headed?!? For me if I had to pick a word this year it would be Creative. Finding different ways to be creative but also creating opportunities. 🙂


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