Sewing: Ruffled Baby Romper & Sunny Hat

My good friend has an 8-month old daughter and I have been meaning to make her a little outfit. This last weekend, it finally happened!

I sewed up the Ruffled Romper pattern from OhMeOhMySewing on Etsy. It was such a fun project, through it took far more time and thread than I had anticipated! There was lots and lots of gathering, but I love how it turned out. I can’t wait the see the little one crawling around in her fancy pajamas (because isn’t that basically what all baby clothes are?).

I don’t know much about babies, so hopefully the little one isn’t especially tall for her age and the KAM snaps aren’t too tricky to manage for the parents.

I used the following for the project:

I also made a matching Sunny Hat from Twig & Tale, which is free in all sized from preemie to adult. I only had enough extra floral fabric for the exterior, so the reverse side is a contrasting pink Robert Kaufman Sevenberry Microdot in Petal from LA Finch Fabrics.

I was lazy and rushed, so pieced the hat pieces together without carefully reading the instructions. Thus, the points at the top aren’t perfectly symmetrical. The top-stitching is also a bit sloppy. Oh well.

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  1. I love the way you turn it inside out to show your work! That is the mark of a good seamstress – and not one you will ever see at my house!

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