Warm Winter Greetings From Phoenix

Rumor is that a cold spell is sweeping the country, blanketing cars and yards with snow and making otherwise excitable dogs anxious about going outside to do their business. Meanwhile, Phoenix has been dipping into shirts and t-shirts weather and enjoying the 10-week period during which it doesn’t feel like we’re living in an oven set to 425°. It is already too damn hot!

With much of the country suffering through the cold, damp, overcast misery of winter, I wanted to share a slice of sunshine and hopefully brighten your day.

Hang in there, stay cozy, and know that one month from now I will be tremendously enviousness of whatever weather situation you might be facing. The Phoenix furnace is currently turned on low, so come on in!

Phoenix is well-known for its blue skies and cirrus clouds

The towering cumulus clouds signal impending rain or, most often than not, are just passing through. The pictured island is “Little Canada,” home to thousands of Canadian geese.

8 thoughts on “Warm Winter Greetings From Phoenix

    1. The Canyon is beautiful this time of year with the dusting of snow! The caveat is that you would want to stay on the Rim trails rather than descending the Canyon because there is ice on the narrow trails and is can be dangerous. It’s far less crowded, though, and a really phenomenal experience.

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  1. Ohh so that’s where our geese goes lol haha a few weeks ago I was telling friends that our winter hasn’t been all that bad but this week I’ve decided enough is enough, I need sun and warmth asap!! Thanks for the lovely pics! Can’t wait for a change in weather!

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