Sewing: Floral Canvas Gardening Apron

My mom requested a durable gardening apron for Christmas since she spends all of her free time in the garden and has a habit of unconsciously wiping dirty hands on her pants. The Grainline Studio Free Apron Pattern & Tutorial fit the bill. My boyfriend contracted the covid virus in late-November, so December was a bit chaotic and stressful. This apron was one of several “I owe you” gifts that ended up being delayed until post-holidays.

Grainline Studios Free Apron Pattern

The apron is quick and easy to make and the printable PDF pattern and online tutorial are clear and straightforward. I used Rifle Paper Co. Amalfi Herb Garden canvas in midnight and Gutermann black thread, and completed the project, start-to-finish, in one day. It was a fun project, despite the many seams that requiring pressing. the pressing was well-worth the effort, as the finished piece looks incredibly crisp and polished. This makes a great gift and I plan to many make more in the future! It could be used for cooking, baking, grilling, crafting, household projects, gardening, and anything else you can imagine.

The design is fantastic because a thick layer of folded canvas is fed through arm loops to allow the wearer to adjust where the neckline hits and either tie a bow in the back or wrap around the back to the front. It was a satisfying make and I plan to make several as gifts for friends and family for Christmas, birthdays, or other holidays. I imagine that batch making several aprons at once would streamline the process and reduce the time.

If I were to make this apron again, I would either use a contrast fabric for the pocket and tie or add piping around the sides and bottom of the pocket to make it stand out. That was actually the plan, but I accidentally bought contrasting quilting cotton rather than canvas. Opps! If I were to make a baking apron, I would stitch down the center of the the pocket to create compartments for spoons or other cooking utensils.

This was one of the items as an add-on to my 2021 Make Nine Challenge. I have found I nearly always choose making gifts for others over making clothing and other items for myself, so we shall see how the rest of the year unfolds. I won’t be surprised if I complete all of my gift ideas before diving into some me-made clothing. I’ll keep you posted!

7 thoughts on “Sewing: Floral Canvas Gardening Apron

  1. Ohhh pretty! I have an apron but never seen to use it. I like the idea of it though lol andd that’s probably why I always find sauces on my shirts! Lol :/


  2. Good thinking on your part to use the darker fabric for this gardening apron. I like the fact that the neck band is adjustable. I would have to agree with your “lessons learned” for the future. Great work, though.

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