Web Miscellany: Compilation #59

Hello, internet friends! How has you week been? I’ve been recovering from a minor surgery to repair broken cartridge between my nostrils and have been so pleased with the results already. I began working with an incredible new physician and I feel hopeful that he can propose new avenues to help me recover; based on a full review of my history and scans, he think my initial lung infection led to oxygen starvation in the brain (hypoxia), followed by cerebellar damage (early-onset ataxia).

This weekend, I’m planning to visit the farmer’s market, help my mom with her winter garden, drop off some homemade baby gifts for a dear friend who is expecting, and perhaps take on a fun sewing project. I also need to find a way to transport my boyfriend’s anniversary gift to our home from my parents’ house without him noticing. Wish me luck!

I hope you have a fantastic weekend! Here are a few links from around the web. Feel free to share anything interesting you’ve stumbled upon in the comments.

  1. Quote I’m thinking about: “Never discourage anyone who continually makes progress, no matter how slow.” — Plato
  2. Phoenix sets record with 144 days of 100-degree temperatures or higher — and there’s no end in sight. Counting down the days until we can leave…
  3. From Brain Pickings, The Unwinding: An Uncommonly Enchanting Painted Poem Celebrating the Wilderness of the Imagination and Our Capacity for Love, Trust, and Hope. This stunning book is currently sold out, but on my holiday wish list.
  4. New research confirms that random choices lead to preferences, and then it follows that preferences lead to habits and habits lead us to become the person we somehow decide we were born to be.
  5. Atkinson Hyperlegible is a free typeface developed by the Braille Institute and Applied Design Works that makes text more readable for people with low vision. This is so fascinating!
  6. ‘I Feel Like I Have Dementia’: Brain Fog Plagues Covid Survivors. I’ve been reading all the stories from those suffering from post-covid syndrome and it sounds eerily similar to what I’ve been battling the last 5.5 years.
  7. This is adorable and utterly impracticable. Christmas Tree Bear Soft Sculpture by Past Your Porchlight on Etsy.
  8. “But you’re not working from home. You are laboring in confinement and under duress. You’re stealing a few minutes in the bathroom away from your kids to “check in” with your boss. You’re frantically tapping out an email while trying to make lunch and run a distance learning home school. You’re stuck alone in a cramped apartment for weeks, unable to see friends or family — work becomes life and life becomes work. You’re exhausted and managing a level of stress you didn’t know was possible. You’re not thriving, you’re surviving.” From Anne Helen Petersen at Culture Study.
  9. How to stop believing things that are no longer serving you. A great list of resources from Catherine Andrews, who writes the Sunday Soother newsletter, which includes recommendations for assuaging anxiety, calming emotional overwhelm, and letting go of old beliefs. There are tons of great techniques to experiment with including conscious breathing, earthing, emotional processing, and future-self journaling.
  10. Have you seen Amazon’s creepy new product? I think I will pass.

6 thoughts on “Web Miscellany: Compilation #59

    1. What a brilliant idea! It was in a 5′ long box, so I joked not to look at the sex doll in the backseat… I think that freaked him out enough that he didn’t bother taking a peek. This whole quarantine has made getting out of the house alone near-impossible. Haha!

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    1. Yes, I’m actually enjoying working from home far more than the office as well, I just found that to be an interesting article, as I’m not sure how I would feel if I were expected to spend the next 30 years working exclusively out of my home.

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  1. Hope your surgery recovery continues to go well! I’m glad you have a physician who you are pleased with. Good luck moving the present.

    (I have also been seeing Long Covid accounts that are veeeeeeery relatable. It’s horrible to think how prevalent this might end up being).


    1. Thank you! Everything went smoothly and my big ol’ beak is finally good for something haha!

      It’s so scary to see. On the one hand, I’m hopefully that Long Covid will draw more attention and funding. But, the realist in me worries they will be tossed aside, told their labs look good enough, and be made to feel like it’s all in their head. I wish I could just wave a magic wand and make everyone feel good…there is so much suffering, disease, and disbelief.


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