A Quick PSA (And Free Book!)

Hi All! In my Friday roundup, I failed to mention that my dear friend is offering his book, An Epilogue to Innocence, for free on Amazon (Kindle format) until Sunday. Tim is a fantastic writer, particularly skilled at diving deep into darker themes and twisting plot trajectories in unexpected ways. This compilation of short stories offers a short and captivating read, so I would highly recommend picking it up for a rainy day (or any day).

An Epilogue to Innocence takes a look into the darker side of experiences in a transformative decade of human life. Follow the stories of various twenty-somethings as they cope with death, disease, and loss as the illusions of the perfection of adulthood shatters around them. The people they become later in life is nothing without the experiences that brought them there — even if those experiences aren’t happy ones.

Tim and I have been shooting shot story prompts back and forth for approximately eight years. As I’ve watched his writing evolve over the years, my conviction that he’ll one day be a world-renowned author has grown in proportion. It doesn’t happen often, so take advantage of this opportunity to discover a new writer at absolutely no cost. Don’t forget to check out more of his brilliant short stories on That Tiny Website. Enjoy!

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