Subcutaneous Shifting

Lately, I’ve been experiencing a subtle shift. It’s as if, slowly and inexplicably, my body is making it’s way back home. My bones are weary but my spirits are high, like a lost dog returning from an extended jaunt.

Magma is quietly rumbling through my veins as tectonic plates scrape along, making space for something new. Towering peaks slowly emerge from the ocean’s still surface, revealing the mysterious majesty of things unseen. And there is so much yet to be revealed.

When we invite healing into our body, we unclick the pause button and allow our bodies to tap into their natural rhythm, to access universal wisdom and to repair damage from the inside out.

In meditation, silence magnifies sound. When we quiet the ever-rambling mind, it suddenly becomes clear where the pain, the blocks and the inefficiencies reside. When we choose to practice mindfulness, we may become more acutely aware of the source of our suffering. And, in understanding its source, we can begin to draft out its resolution.

Applied awareness leads to behavioral change. Nothing radical, but instead slow and intentional actions which build upon one another. We restrict sugar to starve off disease and practice yoga to promote energy production. We practice gentle discipline, lovingly trusting what we know–at the core of our being–to be best.

We seek out guidance and fill in the gaps. After years of quiet suffering, resources have been depleted and the body needs help. Physicians, labs and scans assess the damage and offer up band-aids to support recovery. Though, we must keep in mind, bandages tatter and soon fall apart. And, besides, it’s painful to remove a band-aid that’s been left on for too long. Thus, we must foster an environment that invites healing. We don’t need lavender baths, cucumber water nor a detox cleanse, but instead merely a pervasive attitude of self-love.

When we carve out time for self-care, we proclaim to our bodies, “you deserve this.” Whether it take the form of a long shower, a warm cup of tea or fresh coat of nail polish, making your well-being a priority will inevitably boost the body’s incentive to achieve such wellness. We must learn to focus on the small wins and celebrate our short-term improvements. A broken bone may take months to mend and invisible illness are no different. Be patient, be kind and trust the process.

Science explains that certain parts of our body are cyclically replaced every decade, week or even day. Your scaly skin, overworked liver and the cloud cover obstructing your brain are not permanent fixtures. Simply make the decision and you can change the trajectory of your body’s regrowth. You have the power to stunt the growth of disease, facilitate your body’s restoration and give yourself a fresh start.

Are you leveraging your mind, your time and your resources to facilitate healing, balance and optimal wellness? Are you willing to abandon the victim mindset in favor of personal responsibility? And are you willing to do the work necessary to empower your body and reclaim your health? Put more succinctly, are you playing an active role in your own health and well-being?

With time and experience, I am coming to realize that no one cares about my health and wellness more than I do. And thus, no one can serve as a better advocate and practitioner for my body than me. The shifting plates and magmic flow within are the product of my thoughts and actions, the most integral way in which I can participate in and support the healing of my sweet, strong and singular body.

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  1. Thank you for emphasizing rejuvenation. It allows the body to do what it does best which is to heal itself. I love that you brought up meditation and small wins, too. Inspiring! 😊


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