Web Miscellany: Compilation #37

What are you up to this weekend? I’m going to a theatrical production with my grandparents, booking a flight to Seattle and hoping to drop in on a yin yoga class. Hope you have a good one, and here are a few fun links from around the web:

  1. Quote I’m thinking about, from Paul Jun: “Community is a feeling that you’re part of something that uplifts you and allows you to see eye-to-eye with different people from different backgrounds. A community holds you to a higher standard; it encourages you to focus on possibility, not fear.” Thank you for being a part of my little community. ❤
  2. “Many consider empathy to be the basis of moral action. However, the ability to empathize with others is also a prerequisite for deliberate acts of humiliation and cruelty. In The Dark Sides of Empathy, Fritz Breithaupt contends that people often commit atrocities not out of a failure of empathy but rather as a direct consequence of over-identification and a desire to increase empathy.” (source)
  3. I often look at frivolous luxuries–expensive cars, designer clothing and general excess–and ask whomever will listen, “How might the the world be different if that money were directed towards medical research or alleviating poverty?” In the aftermath of the Notre Dame fire, this is an interesting take on the everyday mundane emergencies that don’t inspire overwhelming support.
  4. How To Market Yourself Without Marketing Yourself. Some generally good advice around showing up and showing you care, within and beyond business relationships.
  5. Two-mountain people: “The basement of your soul is much deeper than you knew. Some people look into the hidden depths of themselves and they realize that success won’t fill those spaces. Only a spiritual life and unconditional love from family and friends will do. They realize how lucky they are. They are down in the valley, but their health is O.K.; they’re not financially destroyed; they’re about to be dragged on an adventure that will leave them transformed.”
  6. This is a great introduction to the idea of social capital and why we need it to flourish – plus it’s beautifully presented.
  7. Intrigued by Barbara Komaniecka‘s eerily beautiful artwork.
  8. Too much will cause damage.
  9. 4 questions to ask your to-do list.
  10.  Finally, a song that always make me smile. Enjoy!


3 thoughts on “Web Miscellany: Compilation #37

  1. That art is so weird. I love it!

    I forgot to tell you (as my days have been chaotic, leading to failing to remember to text people), but my book is free for people to download through Sunday. I remember you telling me you recommended it to someone, so now would be a good time for them to get it for free! (Link for sake of if you need it: https://www.amazon.com/Epilogue-Innocence-Tim-Baughman-ebook/dp/B01HMOMEP0/ref=sr_1_1?keywords=an+epilogue+to+innocence&qid=1555674719&s=gateway&sr=8-1)

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