Slow Unfolding: March in Retrospect

This past month, I filled the patio with herbs and flower and watched the blooms slowly unfold to reveal their radiant petals. The delicate bursts of pink, red and yellow wave each time they’re caressed by the cool breeze or visited by a passing bee. Between the baby quail, playful ground squirrels and thriving garden, I have so many small reasons to smile. That being said, March has been a rough month health-wise. I’m just plain tired.

However, each day I watch as poppies, geraniums and nasturtiums force their way out of a protective encasement, bravely opening themselves up to a brand new world. It’s my hope that I, too, will soon emerge from my current struggle, like a bold and beautiful flower, having grown and improved for struggle.

March Wins

  • Have been consistently meditating for 20-60 minutes every morning and evening, with a focus on self-healing
  • Posted 17 blog posts on this little corner of the internet (and celebrated one year of blogging here!)
  • Have been walking three miles per day around a local park with my boyfriend
  • Have a better grasp on my body’s inefficiencies and am actively working to repair the damages (began treatment protocols for small intestinal candida overgrowth and DNA repair/mitochondrial support)
  • I experienced 13 days of relief from low-dose naltrexone and felt the best I have in over four years! Though the effect didn’t last, I now have a clear vision and goal for what is possible.
  • Hit the three-month mark in my new job and people have been regularly thanking me for my contributions, making me feel great
  • I cleaned the house, hosed down the patio and started up my spring garden
  • My net worth increased by $2,449 in March due to moderate performances from my retirement accounts (and despite spending exceeding income), and now totals $65,161
  • My boyfriend and I have been putting any $5 bills we acquire into a jar have already accumulated $550, which we’re planning to put towards a week-long trip to the Pacific Northwest this summer
  • A friend’s foreign parents were visiting from abroad and hosted my boyfriend and me for dinner as a thank you for being a friend to their daughter; it was one of the sweetest gestures I’ve ever been the recipient of

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