Leveraging Your Most Valuable Resource

What does your morning routine look like? How much of each day do you spend getting ready, glued to your office chair or complaining to friends?

Time is your most valuable resource. Unlike any other resource, you are always spending time. Everything you do at work or in your personal life takes time. And no amount of wealth or influence can buy you more time.

Since you are constantly spending time, there is not neutral behavior. You are either using time wisely or foolishly. You are always either leveraging your time or you are wasting it. We often blind ourselves to this truth and fall into the habit of severely undervaluing our time.

We spend valuable hours mindlessly scrolling through Instagram, bingeing on Netflix and shopping for unnecessary excess. We waste precious days at soul-sucking jobs, in dead-relationships and trying to convince internet strangers that we’re worthy of love.

So, how do you fight this habit and learn to treasure your time? You can begin by developing a new mindset. Focus on doing everything with intent.

All the opportunities and technologies around us are tools. While such tools are inherently neutral, how you use them is not. You can log onto social media for 30 minutes a day to share an inspiring message or you can spend three hours comparing your meager life to that of famous influences. No action is universally a waste of time or definitely a good use of time. It is completely dependent on the individual, their values and the circumstances.

No one can tell you how to invest in yourself or how to spend your time. Your goals, priories and circumstances are different from that of your mother, husband and boss. What’s important is that you are aware of the value of your time, and that each and every decision you make reflects that value.

Are you living your best life? Are you spending your time in accordance with your values and dreams? If not, what is one small step you can take to reclaim an extra sliver of your day?

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